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5 Glittery Fashion Accessories

One great way to add a bit of drama or flair to an outfit is to add coordinating accessories that enhance the overall look. The trendiest, most fashionable accessories are glittery ones that add a splash of fun and color to anyone’s look. The top 5 glittery fashion accessories of the season according to Mom Fabulous that can work with just about any fashion choice.

Glittery handbags are extremely popular right now, and you can pair them with almost anything. Gorgeous glittery handbags come in a variety of colors like red, black, silver, or gold. They really add a bit of playfulness to any look. A big glittery handbook can coordinate with basic denim jeans while a small silver or gold handbag can look great standing in contrast to a black dress. Use the glittery handbag to add the perfect punch of color to your wardrobe.

Glittery wristbands and wristbands with glittery rhinestones really make a cute fashion statement. These neat accessory items are eye-catching and come in many different designs. Some are covered in glitter while others have glittery images or designs printed on them. One cute wristband design spells the wearer’s name in glitter on the band. You can even get wristbands customized using glitter. Think of glitter wristbands as sparkle for the wrists.

Another glittery accessory is the hair clip. Hair clips can be worn on top of the head or on the sides of the head to pull the hair back and away from the face. A glittery hair clip can add an interesting detail in the hair and draw attention to the head. These cute clips tend to catch the light, which makes them shine and sparkle even more. For girls who want an accessory that has a function and has style, the glittery clip is the answer. It can also coordinate well with other glittery accessories like the wristband or the handbag. Just be careful not to overdo the amount of glitter. Glittery accessories should complement a look without overpowering it.

Cool, glittery watches are very trendy. These glamorous accessories can feature glitter in one of three ways. Some watch bands are glittery. Other watches have glitter around the watch’s face. Then, there are super glittery watches that have glitter around the face of the watch and on the band. These sparkly accessories are fully functional and give off a fun vibe. Any girl who lifts her sleeve to see the time will surely smile when she sees this adorable watch.

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Think of sunglasses as accessories for the face. One new trend in sunglasses is glitter. The glitter gives off a shiny look that can look great against the skin and make-up. Even when the sunglasses are worn on top of the head or hung on the collar of the shirt, the glittery glasses will still add a bit of color and glamor to an outfit.

If you are looking for new fashion accessories to buy, look for glitter, and go for the glam.

Melissa Davis is chief in editor at http://facetwister.com, young but fearsome lady with painfully good sense of fashion and fashion streams. Melissa previously worked for number of print magazines as leading stylist and fashion adviser. Her idea is to introduce her audience to the latest fashion trends and to offer advice that will help every woman to fell as beautiful and glamorous as she possibly can.Also loves to write about beauty and health topics.

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  1. Cascia Talbert November 22, 2011

    I don't know much about today's trends, but I have a teenage daughter so this is very helpful. I've thought about getting her a watch mostly to help her learn more about time management, but if they are trendy then that gives me another reason to get her one.