Baby Gourmet Delicious Natural Nutrition for Your Baby (Giveaway)

Baby Gourmet, natural organic baby food is now available to purchase at Walmart® stores across the United States.

Founder and Canadian Jennifer Broe, started Baby Gourmet back in 2006 when she saw that there was a need for higher quality baby food products. “My first child was starting solids, and as a mom it was important to me that she ate a diet of healthy, natural foods,” recalls Broe. “I was unhappy with the quality and taste of the prepackaged baby food options available on the market, and while I loved to cook for my family, homemade was not always an option in my busy life- I thought there may be other parents like me who are looking for better choices in baby food products.”

Before distributing their product to Walmart® stores, Baby Gourmet was only available for US consumers to purchase online. My ten month old, Camrin and I had the opportunity to try out Baby Gourmet Baby food.

The baby food comes in three stages, simple purees for 6 months+, yummy combos for 7 months+, and tasty textures for 8 months+. All of their products are organic with no thickeners or fillers, no added sugar, no added salt, kosher, BPA-free, re-sealable packaging and have USDA, FDA and organic certification. You know that your baby is getting the best nutrition with Baby Gourmet baby food.

The delicious flavors will please even the pickiest pallets. My little picky eater loves every single one.

The simple purees come in these flavors:
Juicy Pear and Garden Greens
Orchard Apple, Carrot and Prune
and Harvest Pear, Pumpkin and Banana.

The Yummy Combos include:
Sweet Potato Pie
Roasted Squash and Fruit Medley
and Apple, Sweet Potato, Berry Swirl.

Older babies can enjoy these tasty textures:
Apple Crisp
Vanilla Banana Berry Risotto
and Tropical Banana Bliss.

Camrin’s favorite is Tropical Banana Bliss. Tropical Banana Bliss is made with organic bananas, organic mango, organic apple, organic lemon juice concentrate, organic natural flavor and ascorbic acid.

We also love the handy Squeeze & Feed technology. Jar baby foods can get messy especially if they are tipped over by a very active baby. You can avoid this by placing the food in a small bowl, but then that creates more dishes for you to wash. The Squeeze & Feed is less messy and makes it easy for your baby to feed himself. Cam loves trying to feed himself.

Baby Gourmet founder, Broe also encourages families to prepare healthy dinners that can be adapted easily for a baby’s developing palate. She even shares recipes on her blog and on the Baby Gourmet website. “Healthy eating should be a priority in every familie’s home, but it should not be at the expense of quality time with your child,” says Broe. “We know that parents today are busier than ever and we aim to help them spend quality time with their families without sacrificing taste and health.”

Parents can purchase Baby Gourmet at their local Walmart® Supercenter and online at

Healthy Moms Magazine readers can also enter to win a sample pack of Baby Gourmet baby food. All you need to do is like Baby Gourmet on Facebook, follow Baby Gourmet on Twitter and leave us a comment to enter.

This contest is open to US and Canadian residents only and ends on November 25, 2011 at 8am PST.

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*Disclosure: I received a sample pack of Baby Gourmet baby food in exchange for this review. All opinions are accurate and 100% mine.

Cascia Talbert is a busy blogger, publisher, freelance writer, online merchant and mother of five children, living in The Pacific Northwest. With a B.A. in history and law and a passion for writing and staying healthy, she started The Healthy Moms Magazine in 2007. The Healthy Moms Magazine is currently ranked the top health blog for moms and features several health expert writers and mom bloggers. Ms. Talbert believes that if mothers are well educated on health issues and how to stay healthy, they can pass that information down to their children and reverse the childhood obesity statistics in the U.S.

Ms. Talbert is a featured health blogger at and her articles can also be found on She also runs the Healthy Moms Social Network on Ning, manages Mom’s Natural Health and Wellness Store, and is on the Social Media Advisory Board for America’s Wellness Challenge.

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