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A good handbag can stop you in your tracks. You could be feverishly searching for handbags online, and there it is, shimmering in all its glory — the perfect handbag. It can be an art to find a purse to match every outfit, but when the right handbag comes along, you know it.

There is no such thing as everyday handbags. Who carries the same bag all day? A working mom might need a huge hobo bag for driving the kids to daycare, a selection of smart handbags for the office, a gym bag for her afternoon workout, and a practical handbag for a trip to the supermarket before dinner. The so-called everyday handbag needs to perform many functions, and that’s why it’s so hard to find the perfect one.

Let’s start small and consider the petite statement purses that are so hot right now. Whether the occasion is a black-tie affair or a jog in the park, every girl needs a selection of tiny handbags to hold a cell phone, credit card, lipstick, and other little essentials. It’s easy to find a selection of diminutive handbags online, many with smart features like side-zip pouches and clip-on straps.

On the other end of the spectrum are the enormous leather handbags currently carried by fashionable celebrity types. Voluminous handbags resembling luggage can hold everything necessary for the super mom on the run, or even an unexpected overnight trip. Among the selection of huge handbags are luxurious jungle cat patterns, sexy suede, and sleek snakeskin designs.

Handbags for the office are taking a no-nonsense approach, with boxy construction that looks a lot like envelopes and briefcases. Hand-held clutch purses are in, with handy wrist straps that make the bags easier to carry. Hounds-tooth checks and simple plaid designs add retro workplace flair to this season’s handbags for the office.

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When searching for the perfect handbag, definitely consider the hottest styles for the season. Currently in vogue are extremely tiny and outrageously oversized bags. Leather handbags with animal fur or snakeskin motifs are trending too. Outlandish embellishments, like oversized zippers, spun metal straps, glittering studs and dangling chains, are adding to this season’s handbag selection. In short, designers are promoting a funky fashion sense that makes it more fun than ever to shop for handbags online.

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  • Rachel , June 17, 2012

    What a great post – this is EXACTLY why I went for a Miche Bag. I can change the look regularly, without having to upend the contents due to the interchangeable outer covers known as shells. They are perfect to match your outfit or mood! Check then out at

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