Are You Taking Care of Your Feminine Health?

Even though it may sound embarrassing, taking care of our most intimate needs is very important. Most women don’t think about the health benefits of sex, or worry about urinary incontinence or vaginal dryness. If intimacy with your partner has decreased or you suffer from urinary incontinence or vaginal dryness most likely you are too embarrassed to discuss these issues with your doctor. Please keep in mind that you are not alone.

An estimated 51 million women (17 million of them in the U.S. alone) cope with urinary incontinence. Some are unable to prevent leaking urine when they cough, sneeze or exercise. Others experience a strong urge to urinate but are unable to make it to the bathroom in time. The leading cause of urinary incontinence is pregnancy and childbirth.

Pregnancy and childbirth can cause urinary incontinence in a number of different ways. A vaginal delivery puts strain on the pelvic floor. A woman’s pelvic floor muscles can also get damaged from an episiotomies, tearing due to forceps or a large baby. Some studies have shown that the pressure of the baby during pregnancy can also lead to incontinence. Each time a woman gets pregnant she is putting more strain on her pelvic floor which causes the muscles to become weaker and weaker.

However, doing Kegel exercises regularly can prevent urinary incontinence. To do Kegel exercises first squeeze the muscles that you would normally use to stop urinating. Your belly and buttocks must remain still. Hold the squeeze for about three seconds, rest for three seconds and repeat ten to fifteen times. If you do this at least three or more times a day you should be able to regain strength in your pelvic floor to help prevent urinary incontinence.

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When was the last time you had sex with your partner? In our crazy busy lives sometimes sex gets put on the back burner. Did you know that having regular sexual intercourse has several health benefits? Below are just a few:

  • Relieves stress
  • Boosts immunity
  • Burns calories
  • Boosts self-esteem
  • Improves heart health
  • Reduces pain

Vaginal dryness is a very common symptom of menopause and can lead to lower sexual desire. A lot of women who suffer from vaginal dryness find it to embarrassing to discuss with their doctor. The body naturally produces a lubrication for the vagina. During menopause estrogen levels drop which causes the body to produce less lubrication.
If your sexual desire has decreased or you are experiencing urinary incontinence or vaginal dryness you should discuss your symptoms with your OBGYN. If this makes you feel uncomfortable, Intimina by Lelo has recently launched a new line of feminine intimate well-being products suited for your intimate needs.

“Laselle Kegel Exercisers offer an easy and effective way of strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor. Worn discreetly inside during daily activities, they give you the most complete intimate workout, helping you to locate your PC muscles (pelvic floor muscles) and providing a solid object for you to flex around for more effective strengthening. Within each exerciser is a weighted ball that responds to your body’s movements, causing gentle kinetic vibrations to help prompt your pelvic floor muscles to contract and relax as you walk around.

Made from the smoothest silicone for increased safety and comfort, our easy to clean Laselle Kegel Exercisers are available in three different weights. These three different weights provide different levels of resistance and can be combined and adapted to your routine as your pelvic floor becomes stronger, helping you to unlock the full potential that this muscle set offers.

• Weight: 28g / 1 oz: To experiment for the first time
• Weight: 38g / 1.3 oz: To increase resistance further
• Weight: 48g / 1.7 oz: For a more advanced routine”

“Intimina Feminine Moisturizer is a water-based solution fortified with Aloe Vera to supplement your body’s natural moisture. Glycerin-free, paraben-free and aligned with your body’s natural pH, it can be used daily for added comfort or to allow for more enjoyable intimate activities.

The water soluble formula is non-staining, non-greasy, and non-sticky, and instantly helps you maintain your natural feel whenever you need it most.”

This Intimate Accessory Cleaner is an easy-on, alcohol-free spray for products intended for intimate use. The fast-acting formula works in seconds to cleanse the surface of the product, while the addition of zinc salts softens the solution to reduce the chances of irritation.

With an understanding of the delicate nature of a woman’s intimate areas, Intimina has formulated our pH-balanced cleansing spray to be strong on germs and bacteria, yet gentle enough to be used on intimate items before and after close contact with these areas.

Intimina products can be purchased online at, and

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*Disclosure: I received a Laselle Kegel Exerciser and Feminine Moisturizer in exchange for this review. All opinions are accurate and 100% mine.

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