Invisible Empires by Sara Groves – Music that Moves and Inspires

Invisible Empires by Sara Groves – Music that Moves and Inspires – The Healthy Moms Magazine Christmas Wish List (Giveaway)

I love listening to music and believe that it can help you deal with stress. I listen to a variety of different genres and gravitate towards the songs that touch on my current emotions. The music of Christian artist, Sara Groves is beautiful, soothing and emotionally uplifting.

Sara’s newest CD, Invisible Empires, explores many aspects of faith from the miracle of love, the expansion of modern science, to a traditional gospel song; Eyes on the Prize.


All of the music and most of the lyrics were written by Sara Groves. The melodies are elegant and the words will touch your soul. As a busy Christian woman I could really relate to the final track, Finite. This song discusses the pressures that modern women face from trying to look younger and staying thin to keeping the peace at home. In the end we can not live up to the world’s expectations. God is in control and we can only do so much. These words really touched me, “What God meant by woman, I’m hard pressed to find, I’m chasing paper dreams, And a guilt undefined, Fighting to stay younger, Trying to stay thin and in control, Searching for a magic formula, A thing to soothe our souls, Wondern’ where the peace went…, I am finite I come to an end,” Sara Groves, Finite. This is so true.

Sara Groves’ Invisible Empires is the perfect Christmas gift for the special woman in your life. The music and lyrics is beautiful, touching and will inspire anyone who listens to it. You can order Invisible Empires at

One lucky Healthy Moms Magazine reader can also win a copy of Invisible Empires by leaving us a comment. Participants are required to like Sara Groves on Facebook and Follow Sara Groves on Twitter in order to enter. After that all you need to do is leave us a comment.

This contest is open to US residents only and ends on December 17, 2011 at 8am PST.

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*Disclosure: I received a copy of Sara Groves, Invisible Empires in exchange for this review. All opinions are accurate and 100% mine.

Cascia Talbert is a busy blogger, publisher, freelance writer, online merchant and mother of five children, living in The Pacific Northwest. With a B.A. in history and law and a passion for writing and staying healthy, she started The Healthy Moms Magazine in 2007. The Healthy Moms Magazine is currently ranked the top health blog for moms and features several health expert writers and mom bloggers. Ms. Talbert believes that if mothers are well educated on health issues and how to stay healthy, they can pass that information down to their children and reverse the childhood obesity statistics in the U.S.

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