Save an Additional 15% on All Child Health Products at Mom’s Natural Health and Wellness

Mom’s Natural Health and Wellness Store is having a 15% off sale on all health and wellness products for kids. With Christmas just around the corner we want your kids to be healthy and well so that the holidays are more enjoyable for both Mom and child.

Take a look at these great products for children at Mom’s Natural Health and Wellness.

Boiron Chestal Childrens Homeopathic Cough Syrup

Cough Dry Cough Chest Congestion Multi – Cough Formula Relieves coughs Loosens chest congestion Pleasant tasting Honey Base

Childrens Chestal cough syrup combines homeopathic medicines traditionally used to treat different types of coughs with the natural goodness of honey to gently soothe the throat.

The honey in Childrens Chestal is filtered and pasteurized to ensure its safety for children 2 years and older.

Regulated as drugs by the FDA, homeopathic medicines are safe and reliable. Homeopathic medicines are used by millions of children and recommended by thousands of pediatricians around the world.

Children’s Chestal is made by Boiron, the world leader in homeopathy. For more than 65 years, Boiron has been committed to funding scientific research and educating the public and healthcare professionals on homeopathic medicines.
Allergy Relief 4 Kids Quick Dissolving Tablets

Hyland’s Allergy Relief 4 Kids Quick-Dissolving Tablets:

Relieves kids common allergy symptoms including watery eyes, runny nose, stuffy nose, sneezing, itchy eyes/nose/roof of mouth, pressure in the nose and cheeks, ear fullness / popping, dark circles under the eyes and hives.

Specially designed for Children – Ages 2 & Up, Non drowsy, all natural, gentle, safe & effective Contains no Pseudoephedrine For Indoor and Outdoor Allergies For Itchy,watery eyes; runny nose, sneezing, and itchy nose & throat

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Hyland’s Homeopathic Allergy Relief 4Kids Indications for Use: Temporarily relieves the symptoms of hay fever or other upper respiratory allergies, also relief of runny eyes and nose symptoms of allergy from pollen, ragweed, grasses, mold and animal dander. Available in 125 quick dissolving tablets.

Yummi Bears Multi-Vitamin and Mineral

Yummi Bears Complete Nutritional System

It’s not a surprise that kids resist the recommended daily requirement of Vitamin C to keep their growing bodies strong and healthy. Great News! Yummi Bears are the perfect solution, because kids love the tasty fun and moms and dads appreciate the wholesome nutrition.

Yummi Bears Vitamin C provides 100% of your child‘s immune system and promotes healthy growth and development.

Your friends at Hero are committed to delivering the highest quality, all-natural vitamins and minerals that help your kids get the nutrition they need every day.

Child Colostrum Plus Powder

ChildLife’s Colostrum with Probiotics provides Nature’s ultimate formula for enhancing your child’s health, vitality, immune and digestive strength.

Features & Benefits: Supports healthy digestion & the immune system. Colostrum is nature’s first food for the immune system. ChildLife uses the finest bovine Colostrum that has been naturally harvested and especially prepared with Probiotics to enhance the health and vitality of your child’s immune and digestive system.

Today’s children face unprecedented challenges from two very important areas. On one hand, the nutritional value of the food we eat decreases as the nutritional content of the soil is depleted through time and modern farming methods. On the other hand, the rapid increase in environmental pollution and toxic burden creates an increased need for these nutrients, the vitamins and minerals that protect, nourish and sustain a child’s natural, healthy development. Eat right and support your child’s development with ChildLife formulas.

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Visit Mom’s Natural Health and Wellness Store today to save an additional 15% on all child health products. Use code child15 at the checkout. Sale ends on 12/11/11.

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