Body Instinct 6 Week Total Transformation Program Review

Many of us seek out a magic system of exercise and diet in order to lose weight, or just get leaner and feel better about ourselves. The health and fitness section of your local bookstore spans many shelves and can be overwhelming. All the authors claim that if you try their diet and do their specific exercises you will be thin and healthy like the models on the magazine covers in the grocery store checkout lanes. Which diet and exercise program should you follow? Making a decision can be overwhelming and there isn’t one diet and exercise program that will produce the same results for everyone. Or is there?

In the book, Body Instinct 6 Week Total Transformation Program, by Tari Rose, she claims that her program will transform any one’s body in 6 weeks. If you follow her body instinct program exactly the way she lays it out in the book you will lose weight and get a leaner body no matter how obese or unfit you are. Really? Does this diet plan work?  I had to read the book to find out for myself.

The basic requirements of her program are simple and make complete sense based on what I already know about healthy diet and exercise. She strongly believes in eating your largest meal for breakfast, eating small meals every three hours and your final meal should be dinner. Stop eating twelve hours after you wake up in the morning. All carbohydrates or what she calls, “energy foods” should be consumed in the morning only when you use the most energy to get through your day. The body instinct diet consists of mainly fresh fruits and veggies and lean protein. Drink lots of water throughout the day. If you combine this diet along with a 30-60 minute weight training twice a week and three 20 minute cardio workouts a week then your body will instinctively transform itself into a leaner you.

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This sounds pretty magical to me! Although, there are a few things that she advocates that I disagree with and some of the things in the program would be extremely difficult for me to incorporate into my lifestyle.

Tari encourages her readers to do 20 minutes of cardio in the morning on an empty stomach. She says that in this way 20 minutes is equal to 60 minutes any other time of day. Really? If you want to jump start your metabolism you should eat breakfast right when you wake up in the morning. Increasing your metabolism teaches your body to burn calories at a higher rate. So for those of you that want to lose weight breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you want to work out in the morning, fresh fruit or a simple carbohydrate that will digest quickly make perfect pre-workout snacks. I always eat a little something before I workout in the morning otherwise my blood sugar is too low for me to be able to get through my program without getting lightheaded.

The body instinct diet also preaches that you should limit your dairy intake, especially cow’s milk. This came to a total shock to me. Tari states, “Dairy and dairy products are NOT necessary for human beings. We are the only species that drinks mild from another species. A human drinking cows mils is about as natural as a dog drinking zebra milk.” Good point, however for women like myself who have a family history of osteoporosis, one 8 oz serving of milk a day is not going to give my body the calcium that it needs. She does go on to say that you can also get calcium from leafy green vegetables, baked beans and broccoli. In order to get my recommended 1,200 mg of calcium per day I would have to eat 9 servings of kale a day, 36 servings of broccoli or 5 servings of milk or dairy a day. I would rather have the 5 servings of dairy a day which includes low-fat cow’s milk.

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Drinking water is very important when dieting. I have been told this over and over again by many nutritionists. However, water is just not something that my body is used to drinking. I know this sounds silly but I just can not drink plain old water. I always have to flavor my water with a little bit of lemon or a zero calorie flavoring. By the time you get to the sixth week in Tari’s total transformation program your body should be used to drinking 120 oz of water a day. That is 16 cups! Wow! In order to do this Tari encourages you to have a water bottle with you all the time and drink a glass of water before each meal to avoid over eating water-rich foods.

The total transformation diet also includes red meat, however I do not encourage anyone to consume red meat on a regular basis. I eat red meat maybe once a month and on special occasions. Beef, the most common form of red meat found in the US is processed and contains harmful nitrites, not to mention it is also full of fat! I treat my kids to fast food maybe once a month. Sometimes even less often than that. Like I said, it is a treat. Red meat is also a treat at my house. We consume lean proteins; turkey, fish, tofu, and chicken are staple foods for my family.

As the weeks progress in the 6 week transformation program your fitness routine gains intensity and more foods are eliminated out of your diet. I think this is a great idea to gradually introduce your body to something new without putting it into shock. I believe I can incorporate a few of her suggestions into lifestyle changes for my family. Decreasing the size of meals is going to be the most difficult. My kids are used to eating a small breakfast of either a bowl of cereal, eggs and toast or whole grain waffles, followed by a larger lunch at school and an even bigger family meal right around 5pm. I could plan breakfast as the family meal and take the time to prepare it every morning but I don’t know how my kids would handle this. However, it is worth giving it a shot!

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If you need a major lifestyle change in order to lose weight, the Body Instinct 6 week Total Transformation Program is worth trying. For those of you like myself, who just need a little more information on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, some of the ideas in this book can be incorporated into your daily activities. I don’t believe that I need to go through the complete program.

BodyInstinct – 6 Week Total Transformation Program by Tari Rose, can be purchased on or found at your local bookstore.

*Disclosure: I received a copy of BodyInstinct – 6 Week Total Transformation Program in exchange for this review. All opinions are accurate and 100% mine.

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  • Tari Rose , February 4, 2012

    Hi Cascia and thank you for taking the time to read BodyInstinct and give your opinion. I would like to address a few of your concerns and opinions. First of all regarding doing cardio on an empty stomach: Your metabolism is at it's highest point driven by your circadian rhythm first thing in the morning. If you didn't eat anything and just sat on the couch or went off to a desk job then yes it would be the wrong thing to do for your metabolism BUT if you are going right out the door to do your cardio the exercise in itself is a stronger metabolism booster than the food and will do the job. Also if you ate something like a banana before you went, then your body would burn the 120 or so calories from the banana before it would even think of getting into your stored body fat. Concerning red meat: I am very clear in the book that i buy only organic red meat which contains NO nitrates, nitrites, hormones, or antibiotics which are the real reasons traditional red meat stinks. As far as dairy goes I don't think that limiting your dairy to 1 cup of dairy products a day is extreme. Also there is more calcium that your body can use in 1 cup of broccoli then there is in 1 cup of milk. Just because milk may have a higher calcium level doesn't mean your body can assimilate it all. Also, Cascia you should know that there are whole cultures that have never consumed a dairy product in their lives and live longer and better than we do with little or no osteoporosis. Since all this information is inside my book i am a little concerned you may have just browsed through it instead of actually read it which would make your critique a little unfair.

  • Cascia Talbert , February 5, 2012

    Tari, Thank you for visiting and reading my review. Yes I did read your book from the first page all the way to the end. I did not browse through the book. You and I just have a different opinion on what we believe is healthy for our bodies. I choose to eliminate red meat because I can not afford the nitrite free red meat from grass fed cows. It is expensive and hard to find. Also, even though some cultures do not consume cow's milk and yes cows are a different species than us I still believe that dairy is important especially for women like me who have a history of osteoporosis need the calcium from dairy products. You need to check your facts regarding how much calcium is in different foods.

    Milk, nonfat, 8 ounces** 299mg of Calcium per serving
    Broccoli, raw, ½ cup 21mg of calcium

    Just keep in mind that I am a health blogger and I critique health and wellness product on my site including books. You were willing to let me review your book and publish my honest opinion.

    It is alright for us to have different opinions. That is what makes this country great. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review your book.

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