Ordering Perscriptions from Canadian Pharmacies Online is on the Rise in the US

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As the cost of prescription drugs in the United States increases more and more Americans are turning to online pharmacies from Canada to purchase their medications. These drugs are less expensive than in the United States and many prescription medications are offered over the counter in foreign countries.

Purchasing prescription drugs from foreign countries is simple and the Canadian pharmacies sell medications online to Americans at affordable prices. Why do Americans buy their prescription drugs from online Canadian pharmacies?

Seven Reasons Why Americans Chose to Purchase Prescription Drugs from Online Canadian Pharmacies

  1. Canada has price controls on most prescription drugs which helps keep the prices low.
  2. Prices for prescription drugs in the US is not regulated so drug companies can set their own prices.
  3. Americans are more likely to sue the drug companies for adverse side effects. These lawsuits cause the drug companies to increase their prices in order to cover attorney and court fees.
  4. Even on Medicare most senior citizens can not afford to purchase their prescription drugs in the United States.
  5. In Canada, generics became available 5 years earlier than in the United States and must be at least 25% less than name brands.
  6. Drug companies selling into Canada are not allowed to advertise their products which also keeps the cost low.
  7. Ordering from Canadian pharmacies online is safe and reliable.

*Disclosure: The above article is a sponsored post written on behalf of CanadaDrugPharmacy.com. The company is providing monetary compensation for ad space on this blog.

Ordering Perscriptions from Canadian Pharmacies Online is on the Rise in the US
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