The Truth About Weight Loss, Fat and Calories

Everyone knows that Americans are fat and obesity is killing us.

  • 64 percent of adults in the United States are obese and this percentage is increasing.
  • Nearly one in three American children under the age of 18 is overweight
  • Health experts estimate that treating adult obesity-related ailments costs the American economy nearly $150 billion.

How can Americans lose the weight, keep it off and improve their overall health? We are constantly bombarded with diet gimmicks and ads on television, the Internet, billboards and magazines. These ads all claim the same result, stick with our diet plan, use our product or take our pill and you will lose weight. Are these promises that sound too good to be true really worth the time and money? Do fad diets really work?

Physician Dr. Larry Deutsch and biologist Dr. Jeff Schweitzer co-wrote a new book, Calorie Wars: Fat, Fact and Fiction. This short, strait to the point eye opening book presents a healthy, sustainable way to reduce caloric intake so that staying thin is a natural part of your life.

In the beginning of the book, Deutsch and Schweitzer explain why it is important to keep track of how many calories you take in and not worry so much about where the calories are coming from.

“A calorie is a unit of energy defined as the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree…one calorie of carbohydrate is exactly equal to one calorie from fiber, which is precisely equal to one calorie from saturated fat. One calorie of fruit equals to one calorie from a fudge bar.”

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If you are trying to lose weight you should keep track of the calories that you are taking in and compare that to your activity level. Our metabolism is how we chemically convert those calories into energy. The source of these calories is not that important according to Deutsch and Schweitzer. Instead you need to focus on calories in versus calories out.

It is true that genetics does play a role in our weight. If your parents are muscular chances are you will be too. Some people have a satiety meter that is sensitive and stops them from feeling hunger when they have eaten enough. The doctors also explain how hormones, medication and smoking can effect your weight.

Calorie Wars: Fat, Fact and Fiction provides some helpful advice on how to calculate your basil metabolic rate, which determines how many calories your body needs. They also why it is important to change your behavior if you want to lose weight.

Deutsch and Schweitzer stress these three simple rules plus one throughout the book,

  • “Rule One: Eat Less
  • Rule Two: Choose Well
  • Rule Three: Get Active
  • The Final Rule: Restructure Your Relationship to Food”

Eating less simply means count your calories and make sure you are taking in only the amount that your body needs based on your basil metabolic rate. Choose well, or make sure you eat healthy nutritious foods. Stay away from processed foods, fast food and high calorie foods. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, fiber, whole grains and drink water. Get active. Incorporate some kind of physical activity into your daily routine. Even ten minutes of exercise per day will make a difference. Restructure your relationship to food. Identify what is triggering you to eat unhealthy foods and do something about it.

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I found this book fascinating. It also confirmed that the diet and lifestyle I believe to be healthy truly is. Calorie Wars: Fat, Fact and Fiction by Larry Deutsch M.D and Jeff Schweitzer Ph.D., is the perfect guide for anyone who has been struggling with their weight. This book provides simple advice and encouragement to help even yo-yo dieters get thin and stay that way.

For more information about Dr. Larry Deutsch and Dr. Jeff Schweitzer please visit: and Calorie Wars: Fat, Fact and Fiction can be purchased at, and your local bookstore.

*Disclosure: I received a copy of Calorie Wars: Fat, Fact and Fiction in exchange for this review. All opinions are accurate and 100% mine.

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