Wean Green Eco Friendly Glassware Now Available at Pottery Barn Kids

Wean Green, founded by Canadian and mom, Melissa Gunning introduced her line of eco-friendly glass baby food storage containers to the U.S in November, 2011 at Pottery Barn Kids. These cute little containers have colorful snap on lids and can store up to 16.5 0Z of food. Their tiniest containers hold 4 oz and are perfect for storing home made baby food.

Wean Green’s glass containers are designed to store, freeze, re-heat and serve food.
A BPA-free, eco-friendly alternative to other food storage containers, Wean Green
products are made from 100% recyclable tempered Glasslock glass.

Wean Green’s products are great for busy moms who need a safe secure place to store home made baby food or their children‘s sandwiches for school lunches. Due to their small size I would not recommend using Wean Green containers to store leftovers from your family’s dinner or other large food items you may need to freeze.

Because Ween Green’s products are made from eco-friendly tempered glass they are a lot more expensive than their plastic counterparts you may find at your local discount store. They range in price from $10.99 for two of their smallest containers to $21.99 for a four pack of 4oz containers. If using eco-friendly products is important to your family then Wean Green is worth the price.

Wean Green has also partnered with 1% For the Planet, an organization dedicated to building and supporting an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet. Wean Green donates 1% of their profits to environmental organizations.

Wean Green has also been nominated for a Cribsie Award for the most convenient way To store baby food. The Cribsie Awards recognize the best products and websites for babies, tots, and the parents who adore them. Please visit crisbieawards.com for more information.

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For more information about Wean Green products and to purchase them online you can visit: weangreen.com.

*Disclosure I received a sample pack of Wean Green glass baby food containers in exchange for this review. All opinions are accurate and 100% mine.

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