Patience Towards Children Can Create Miracles
By Bini

Parents….Beware! Be not just a good parent but a good friend too. With so many shocking incidents happening around the world it is important for us (parents) to forego the title of a parent and take up the role as a friend when dealing with our beloved child, whether a girl or a boy. Also, remember to deal with your child carefully during tough situations.

As a child we all would have surely urged for a loving and friendly support from our parents rather than finding them to be a terror. But the question that still remains in the minds of most parents is- ‘How can I be a friend to my child?’ Though this might be difficult in the beginning, I am sure that you will begin to enjoy being a friend in the long run, believe me. Read through my personal experiences and make sure to share your opinions as well.

Being a parent myself, I would be more obliged to share some of my wonderful experiences with you. As a parent, anyone would get frustrated easily when their kids become more mischievous and restless often. During such situations it is important for anyone to be calm in order to handle the situation without much difficulty. In other words, to be calm is to be patient even when you know that the earth will split into two. Hence, patience is the secret of being friendly and let your child also speak out and express his/her opinion without any fear. I would say that a child can be best understood only when parents become a child themselves. Though this might sound silly initially, it can create wonders.

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Make this your habit
Take part in every game your child plays and enjoy every bit of it. You can then see the sparkle of happiness glowing in your child’s little face. I am sure this moment is what every parent would long for. Our life on earth will seem to be fulfilled with no more wishes to be done.

My unique experience in life with my child…
Among several unforgettable moments I had with my child, I would like to share one with you. It was in the month of January this year. I hurriedly reached home from my work place to meet my child whom I hadn’t seen since I left for work in the morning. As I entered the house I saw him playing in his own world. I slowly approached him to give him a surprise. When he saw me there he was excited and didn’t know what to do. No sooner he ran towards me leaving behind all his toys which he had been playing with so long and jumped straight into my arms. Believe me, I felt myself over the moon  I could not control my happiness and thanked GOD for that precious moment. I would like to bring to your notice that if in any case; I had not bothered to look for my child or if I had given him the least importance, then the situation would have been totally different. He would have lost hope and would have been heart broken. Therefore, I made up my mind to give my child the topmost preference and share every moment with him. Please share if you have experienced anything similar to this situation.

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I often notice that my child begins to play on himself when he finds me too busy. A sort of depression that sets in his eyes during such situations and it makes me feel utterly bad. Hence, I always engage him in some activity even if I am busy. It is important for a parent like me to go through a child’s feelings to understand them well. The happiness that you derive out of your kids can never be gained from anything in this world.

You are the world… are my children!
Ask any experienced and they will tell you the truth. A child fills your home with happiness and has the power of wiping away all sorrows and grieves. You are sure to find a better world and dream only for them. You also prepare yourself to sacrifice anything for the sake of your kid. Hence, forget not to consider them as your greatest gift though they seem to be the smallest.

Discuss with them freely and give them your frank opinion besides giving them your moral support. Remember, if our child has to accept you as their role model, it is important for you to be a perfectionist in every way. Good luck!

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