Post Preganancy Bras: Soft Cup v Underwire

It is inevitable that when you are heavily pregnant, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with excitement for the arrival of your baby – whether this is preparing the nursery or reading up on the impending labour. However, this does not mean you can’t plan ahead to when you will have your body all to yourself again.

During pregnancy, breasts change in size and shape and it can become difficult for women to pick an appropriate bra, as and when your previous collection from a pre-pregnancy body has been outgrown. However, this makes for a perfect opportunity to stock up on bras for post-birth, as it is unlikely that there will be much time for leisurely shopping with a little one along for the journey.

There has long been debate on which bras are better for your body – pregnant or not – but one common difficulty in regards to pregnancy is whether to go for an underwired bra or a soft cup.
Underwire bras have long been considered as one of the ultimate ways in which to get a lifted bosom without having to resort to drastic surgeries – and they remain popular for a good reason: they work. They produce results through a wire that is under the cup of the bra and to avoid discomfort, this is normally padded with material to avoid the wire digging into the skin.

Despite this, there are often complaints from their wearers that the wire digs into the skin and this is more often than not due to an incorrect size. Of course, for most women, this can be solved by simply getting measured and swapping to the correct fitting, but at a time where your breasts are changing, it may be worth avoiding an underwire at this point, as the wire can start digging into breast tissue before you know it.

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It has been reported that 75 – 80% of women are wear the wrong bra size at any one time and it is claimed that wearing a bra with the wrong size can be a cause of back pain – if pregnant this is an additional discomfort that could be done without.

Soft cup bras are recommended to women for the first 12 weeks after the birth, as opposed to an underwire. It has been discussed for some time that underwired bras could affect milk ducts and although these arguments are currently unfounded, health professionals will often recommend a soft cup as an alternative – just in case.

Furthermore, a soft cup can offer the flexibility and comfort that your breasts will need at a time when they are still changing and possibly still tender, whilst still providing an enormous amount of support.
Functionality is key when you are trying to adapt to motherhood, and as far as your underwear goes, technology and materials have come a long way in the past few years. Just because you may want to put your underwire bra on the back shelf for a few months for health reasons, this doesn’t mean you have to look frumpy – an association so often felt with soft cup bras.

If you choose to breastfeed post-birth, your breasts will become a valuable tool and will deserve the most comfortable solution. Either way, it will be a time of change and a time in which many women will yearn for their pre-pregnancy figure. What’s important is that you listen to what your body wants and invest in underwear that it’s most comfortable with.

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