5 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat With Your Kids

Summer is just around the corner and with it comes hot temperatures.  These five tips to beat the summer heat will help your kids cool off and have a fun break from school.

1. Water Balloon Fight

Age Group: 5+
What you will need: a package of water balloons, two buckets and hose.
Investment: $

Water balloon fights are fun and encourage teamwork.  Fill up about 10 – 20 water balloons with the hose and divide them in half between the two buckets.  Split your children into two teams and have fun throwing water balloons at each other.  You can even get the neighborhood kids involved. Make sure you clean up all the scraps of balloons from your lawn after they have all been used.

2. Car Wash

Age Group: 1+
What you will need: bucket, dish soap, sponges or rags, hose and your family car, truck or van.
Investment: $

Children of all ages love helping Mom and Dad wash the family car.  Fill a bucket with water mixed with a couple of drops of dish soap. Make sure you have enough sponges or rags for yourself and your children.  Older kids can offer to wash cars for neighbors and even make some extra money.  For smaller children, just helping Mom and Dad is fun and they get the chance to play with the hose and cool off at the same time.

3. Run Through the Lawn Sprinklers

Age Group: 1+
What you will need: lawn sprinklers
Investment: $

Out west where the summer is not only hot but also dry every home lawn has built in sprinklers. If you live in another area of the country and your lawn does not have a sprinkler system you can purchase a lawn sprinkler that attaches to your hose at your local garden center. Running through sprinklers is a great way to cool off, have fun and get some exercise and Mom and Dad can get their lawn watered at the same time.  To make this activity extra fun put your swimsuit on and join your kids in the sprinklers.

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4. Visit Your Local Water Park or Community Pool

Age Group: 2+
What you will need: Spending money, sunscreen, water toys or floatation devices (optional), food and beverages (optional), swimsuits
Investment: $$-$$$

Visiting a water park is a lot of fun and for most families a cool summer treat. If you are looking for a more affordable way for you and your kids to cool off, taking a trip to the local community pool is a better option.  If you are spending a whole day outside with your kids make sure you apply sunscreen every half an hour or so.  You only need a sunscreen with a 15 SPF.  Anything higher than that is not necessary.  Water parks don’t usually allow you to bring in your own floatation devices, but you can bring them to most local community pools.  If you are visiting a water park you can save money by packing your lunch but you might have to eat it in the parking lot.  Just make sure you get your hands stamped so you can return back to the park after lunch.

5. Have a  Picnic at your Local Lake or Beach

Age Group: All ages
What you will need: sunscreen, spending money (optional), food and beverages, swimsuits, a change of clothes, outdoor toys (optional), life jackets, fishing equipment (optional), bug spray, first aid kit
Investment: $$

Most lakes and beaches are free to the public.  If you are going to a state or US park check to see what the fee is before you go.  Often these places also have picnic tables, grills, and clean public restrooms for the public to use.  Visiting a public park at a beach or lake is a lot of fun and the whole family can make a day trip out of it. 

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Whether you are cooling off in the comfort of your own back yard, or visiting a public recreation area make sure you follow proper safety procedures while near water and use plenty of sunscreen.  Summer vacation can be a lot of fun for your children if you provide a variety of activities for them.

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