It’s All About Delegation

I learned something about myself this week, something that kind of tripped me out.  In the world of creating enough hours in the week to work productively that matches the income vs expense ratio, two areas of my life were brought to my attention: childcare and housekeeping.

It’s not like these aren’t obvious points of ongoing logistical nonsense, but I had a moment of enlightenment.  Let’s take the housekeeping area first.  I like taking care of my house, I like the domestic tasks of keeping one’s home.  My girls are a big help as well.  The one thing that is different for us is we homeschool and I office out of our home, which means seeing a couple clients per week in my home office space.  That then means the house needs to be tidy and clean on those days.  This wouldn’t be a big deal if we didn’t have a small house where everything happens in close quarters. 

I have often thought of having someone clean our house on a twice monthly basis, like the deep cleaning that I never get to, but then I realized I have a hang up about paying for it.  Weird.

Weird, when I know I am my biggest asset and those 2 hours could be spent sitting at my desk creating recurring income that easily supercedes the cost of cleaning help.  Weird, when I know at least three people who clean houses for a living and who would be psyched about bartering out their services for coaching or bodywork.

Then I took on the area of childcare.  These two precious little people I grow and maintain every day aren’t littles I’d put in the care of just anyone.  Taking into consideration our unique situation of working from home and homeschooling, I realized this last week that I need another warm body in our home 24/7.  We need an extension of our family.  With two self employed parents, one of us is home most evenings, though I teach two evenings a week and my husband works two evenings a week, sometimes we need grandma to come in and support us. 

Last week I was on an overnight then was called to a birth.  My husband happened to be working a project where he couldn’t leave and I was stuck during an odd time frame of 4am-7am without childcare.  We worked it out but it was then I realized our unique situation calls for a unique answer.  What about an aupair?  I had initially dismissed this idea a year ago because right now we don’t have a spare bathroom though we have a spare bedroom.  I had also dismissed it thinking it would be more than we could afford monthly.  Again, I was wrong.  Between the driving for current childcare and the cost at just three days per week, I could have an aupair here 24/7 who can work up to 45 hours per week for just a tidge more than what I currently pay.

The bonus is everyone would have what they need, I just need to move myself out of the way!  I would get some alone time, which is hard to find, the children would have a loving friend and confidante to care for them, my husband and I would have more time freedom for our relationship and for our work, and as a result, I could work less hours and make more money as I’d have productivity on my side.

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