New Careers For Moms 
By Becky Wilcox

Raising children is a full time job. It is not uncommon for women to leave a promising career to care for their young children. Other moms are able to juggle the demands of motherhood and an arduous professional schedule with help from family or paid caregivers.

Mothers that are more resourceful have navigated a middle ground where they can hold down a job and still be available for their children. These mothers have found that less-demanding occupations with flexible work schedules make it possible to balance family and work life. Many jobs provide these opportunities.


For mothers with a hobby or a special skill, starting a business that lets them dictate their hours can turn into a lucrative career. Many of today’s big businesses were started in the kitchens of enterprising mothers. Local libraries and the Small Business Administration are excellent resources for starting a business. While these organizations offer logistical guidance, mom-preneurs will still have to generate their own business ideas. Opportunities abound in direct sales, franchises, product innovations and personal service sectors.

Preschool Teacher/ Day Care Worker 

Mothers have hands-on experience when it comes to managing young children. This makes them highly suited for jobs in preschools and daycare centers where part time schedules are often offered for mothers who are unable to commit to a full load. As an added benefit, early education facilities will admit employees’ children at no cost so that childcare expense is not an issue.

For those wishing to advance in this career, it is easy to earn the required credentials. The basic requirement is a Child Development Associate degree that can be earned while already employed as a childcare worker. Employers will often pick up part of the tuition.

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Writers/ Other Free-lance Jobs 

There are many freelanceopportunities for proficient writers. Internet access has made it easier to find and fulfill writing assignments. The payout might not be substantial but writers’ schedules can be adapted around children’s downtime.

Blogging is one way for writers to build a publishing presence. It has also become a rewarding career for mom-bloggers with a large following. Businesses have found that mothers who blog are able to influence others in their own circles and gain advertising support in the process.

Massage Theapists

Typically, massage therapists work for themselves. They may get referrals from health care facilities but they pretty much decide their own schedule.

Training and certifications can be obtained by attending a massage therapy school that will also give trainees valuable connections in the health care field. Massage therapy is an accepted treatment and preventative for many health conditions. Spas, chiropractors and rehabilitation centers are among the practitioners seeking massage therapists.

These are but a few career opportunities that mothers can explore to reestablish their career without necessarily sacrificing their commitment to caring for and raising their children.

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