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Want Longer Life? Speed Up Your Gait!

By Joel Louis

Did you know that the speed of a person’s gait is an accurate predictor of life expectancy? Wondering how is this possible? At the beginning, I too, had serious doubts about this. I simply couldn’t relate the speed of anyone’s walking pace with the number of years that persons can live. But when I started researching the topic, it all came crystal clear.
There is a study in The Journal of the American Medical Association, in its January 2011 edition, that sheds light into a research that concludes the above written statement. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Normally, people who have faster gaits tend to be in a better physical condition than those who walk at a slower pace. So, if you walk fast it means that you are in good shape and therefore are able to accomplish more (exercise wise) than those who are out of shape and thus needing of more time to accomplish the same targets.
If you walk regularly you will enjoy the benefits of walking. Not only you will look and feel better but you will also keep under control the signals of an unhealthy body; for example, high blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol and blood sugar. When you reduce these risks, it will fair to say that you increase your chances of living a longer life, makes sense?
Now, for those who can’t or don’t want to go out and enjoy the benefits of a walking routine, there is always an option. I personally believe that one of the best home gym equipment machines out there in the market is an elliptical trainer. Why? Because they are easy on joints, they are not too pricey and they can fit practically everywhere at the comfort of your home. Try one and post your comments here!
About The Author
Joel is a sports fan that recently discovered the benefits of a walking routine. When he can’t go out for a walk, he likes to use a cross trainer. He believes that if you are able to develop an elliptical workout, you will also enjoy the benefits of a longer life. He encourages you to visit the elliptical trainer review site that he created where you can read more on what kind of cross trainer is most convenient for you and your situation. Please visit www.topfitreviews.com

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