Is the Internet Unhealthy? 

By Becky Wilcox

The Internet is an amazing collection of information. Parents today have access to more information than ever before in history, all at their fingertips. This means that virtually any questions you have can be answered with the click of a mouse. It also means that moms can occasionally keep in touch with friends and family without packing up all the kids to make the rounds, and research important health concerns while the kids eat breakfast, but do we pay a price for this convenience?

The Internet Effect

Of course, too much online time can have bad physical and psychological effects on mom’s health. If you are spending too much time online, you are not getting valuable physical exercise, and the good-old-fashioned quiet time that you need and deserve. Detaching from the outside world occasionally is a good thing for a busy mom.

Also, the Internet can be a place where moms compare their experience to other moms. It’s important to remember that the perfect life displayed by some moms online is probably cleaned up a bit, or a lot. All moms have struggles, even the ones that may be putting on a show for their Internet audience.

Balance as the Goal

Being a successful parent is almost always about balance. How you balance the many priorities you have while taking care of yourself is the hardest part of being the effective parent we envision. There is always the danger that we neglect our physical lives in favor of a cyber experience, but a balanced approach to the Internet can be perfectly healthy for both mind and body.

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The Internet has become the #1 source of information for most situations we encounter on a daily basis. For instance, do you have specific health concerns? You are in luck. The Internet will not only help you find the symptoms and treatment options, but it will also offer countless personal experiences of other moms. This can either put your mind at ease or signal that it’s time to see the doctor.

The Internet is a fantastic innovation. It can be a valuable educator when we have concerns with our health and the issues we all face. When you use the Internet in a balanced way, and stick with sites you trust, there is no good reason you cannot take full advantage of the ease it can bring to your hectic life.

Becky W. is a freelance writer that loves to write on a number of different things such as technology, sports, and health. In her spare, she maintains a healthy lifestyle, and loves to do research to find the answers to the questions about hypoglycemia

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