To Donate or Not to Donate, That is the Question?

Guest Post by Corilynn
Lately, I have been thinking a lot about subject that had never really crossed my mind before the last few weeks— egg donation. A friend of mine has been seriously considering becoming a donor and she came to me asking for advice a few weeks ago. I can honestly say that this was not something that was even on my radar before she brought it up, but since then I feel like it is all I have been researching and talking about! 
 Her rationale is this, she is super strapped for cash and having a lot of trouble securing a job that is going allow her to pay her bills and save some money (which she desperately needs to do). Egg donors can get paid upwards of $6,500 dollars, which is really no small chunk of change. This would be enough to get her credit cards and rent paid and put some money in the bank as a cushion while she continues her job hunt. 
 When she came to me she was not just concerned with the money, but having had a number of relations in her family who had trouble conceiving, she felt this was an issue that was very close to her heart. She was motivated by the idea that she would be able to give some desperate couple out their the greatest gift of all, a child of their own. When I saw how much she really believed that what she would be doing was a good thing, I was much more persuaded to tell her she should do it than I was by the monetary rationale. 
 So for the last few weeks we have been researching the requirements which are pretty stringent actually. She has to undergo a physical that confirms she meets the health requirements. She obviously already knows she meets the age requirements (21-30) and the schooling requirements because she is a recent college grad (who knew a higher education was required to donate your eggs!). The hardest part has been researching all of the shots and side effects and complications that are possible from the hormones and the egg removal procedure. In the end, it is her choice, but that hasn’t kept me from going egg crazy and putting together a pro’s and con’s list to try to help make her decision as informed and easy as possible!
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