Going Back to College? 3 Tips for Balancing Family and Academics

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Many parents often put aside their career goals once they have children. However, in this day and age, when an education is more accessible, partners are better at sharing child rearing duties, and the playing field is more level for women, you can both go to school and raise children. This isn’t to say, however, that things will be easy. Here’s how to make the most of your family life while pursuing your degree:
  1. Pick a program that’s flexible.
This is perhaps the key for fitting advanced schooling into your family life. Thanks to the unprecedented connective powers of the Internet, you can complete your degree online without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. If online schools aren’t something you are particularly interested in, you still have an array of flexible options to choose from. Many community colleges offer evening courses, and some schools offer a mix of both traditional and online classes. 
  1. Involve your partner (or other friend or family member) more fully taking care of the kids.
Of course, it’s likely that your partner is already involved in taking care of your kids. But now that you may be starting school, help and support from another family member will become ten times more important. Sit down and discuss a schedule, including expected responsibilities, with your partner or “helper.” Make sure they understand that their support is essential for success.
  1. Manage your time more efficiently. Make it a priority to spend time with your kids every day.
Of course, it goes without saying that the way you spend your time while in school will dictate your success. If you aren’t really great at time management, then be prepared to have more structured days in which you prioritize both school and spending time with your children. It’s easy to bury yourself in your school work and forget about the kids, so stop yourself from doing this by scheduling at least two hours a day before they go to bed to spend time with them.
Being a parent while attending school is nowhere near easy. But if you make it a point to focus on both, while not being too terribly hard on yourself, you’ll be surprised by how well you can manage it all. Good luck!
Lauren Bailey is a freelance blogger who loves writing about education, new technology, lifestyle and health. As an education writer, she works to research and provide information for those comparing the best online collegesand courses and welcomes comments and questions via email at blauren 99 @gmail.com.
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