Nutrition Tips for Busy Moms In this fast paced world we live in today sometimes we forget how important it is to pay attention to what we put into our bodies. Grocery stores are filled with packaged foods and easy-to-prepare meals targeting busy families. Do these foods really give us the proper nutrition? The Healthy Moms Magazine recently had the opportunity to ask nutrition expert and founder of  Healthy Eating and Training Inc., Lauren Schmitt if she can share with us some tips on how to include a healthy diet in a busy lifestyle.

 What are the biggest and most common nutrition mistakes that busy moms usually make?
When we’re busy or in a rush, we tend to grab foods that are quick and easy and skip the produce. I think it’s vital for parents to make sure that their child has a fruit or vegetable with each meal. When kids ask what’s for dinner, instead of making the common chicken and rice, add broccoli to the mix and tell your child that broccoli will be a part of the meal. The more they hear and see healthy foods, the more used to it they become.
 What are some ways families can overcome those obstacles and make better more healthier food choices?
Just make sure that when you’re grocery shopping, buy one new item. That way, there’s a variety in the kitchen so the family doesn’t get bored with it. Many people think that vegetables have to be fancy, but even setting a bowl of baby carrots on the table can make a big difference. Presentation is also important for kids, so take advantage of all of the bright colors of fruits and vegetables to make an enticing dish!
Do you believe that over-the-counter weight loss supplements are helpful in losing weight?
If it’s an appetite suppressant, I don’t think its effectiveness is only temporary. Yes, it suppresses your appetite and can contribute to weight loss, but that’s only short-term. Your body becomes so dependent on it that once you’re off of the pill, your body will gain all of the weight back. I think people should base their eating on hunger and fullness. It’s better to get more in touch with your limits and be careful not to push your body past those limits.
Do you think that getting enough sleep is important for weight loss?
Definitely! It seems obvious that if we’re tired, we’re less likely to work out, and now there’s even research to back that up. Also, when people are tired, they tend to reach for foods that are a quick fix. This often means high calorie, highly caffeinated foods that we think give us energy, but they’re not very healthy. It’s essential to be well rested. You’ll not only feel better, but you’ll have more energy to work out and won’t reach for quick-fix, unhealthy foods you would normally eat when you’re tired.
Beyond taking a daily multivitamin do you think there are additional supplements that women should take in order to maintain their health?
I believe that the best supplements are fruit and vegetables. I advise people to turn to food first before supplements. See what you can get out of natural, healthy ingredients. I don’t recommend additional supplements unless there’s a family history of heart disease or high cholesterol issues. For those people, I would recommend a fish oil or omega 3 supplement.
Do you have any tips on how to control problem snacking?
Make your snacks balanced. Make it a protein and produce source. For example, you’ll feel more satisfied if you have an apple and string cheese than if you had a handful of pretzels. Also, people tend to snack while they’re doing other things and tend to not pay attention to what they’re eating. I would recommend taking a 5 minute break to enjoy the snack and then go back to work. If your home is filled with problem snacks, my tip is simple: don’t buy them!
Do you have a favorite recipe that you would like to share with our readers?
One of my favorite recipes is Overnight Oats. It’s a great way to start the day off on the right foot because it’s filled with protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals…all the good stuff! Here’s a recipe:
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