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On special occasions or when my husband and I are just too busy to fix dinner we treat the kids to a night out.  But with three boys 5 and under the mess they leave behind at restaurants is sometimes embarrassing.  My youngest son whom is 21 months old leaves the biggest mess.  I am usually the one cleaning it up while my husband pays the bill and my teenage daughter escorts the younger ones to the car.  Does this sound familiar?

Danielle Batchelor and her mother, Cookie Centracco decided that the needed to do something to help parents have fun dining out with their kids without the mess. In 2008, the mother/daughter team launched Coulson’s Crib and began distributing their invention, the Neatnik Saucer.

The Neatnik Saucer is made with water-resistant polyester in the seat liner and a waterproof, baby-safe fabric saucer.  It easily collapses in a small convenient carrying case.  The rimmed edge prevents food, liquids and small toys from falling on the floor and it even comes with built in Velcro straps to keep toys secure and within reach of tiny hands.

When I took my Neatnik Saucer to a restaurant with my kids I was amazed at how the food stayed on the saucer. It only took a few minutes to wipe it clean before we left. With just a couple of twists the Neatnik saucer folded into the carrying case. Instead of staying in the restaurant to clean up my baby’s mess I was able to help my daughter get the younger kids into the van. Once I got home I was able to clean it again with just dish soap and water.  Whenever I eat out with my kids I take the Neatnik saucer with me.

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The Neatnik Saucer has won several awards including, the Moms Choice Award. To purchase the Neatnik Saucer or find a retailer near you visit .

*Disclosure: I received a Neatnik Saucer in exchange for this review. All opinions are accurate and 100% mine.

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