Dealing With Hair Loss

Society has taught us that women are supposed to have thick, sexy hair. If a woman is experiencing thinning hair or hair loss, it is like a big chunk of her sexiness is going down the drain! Sadly, this isn’t a rare occurrence. Studies show that 50% of women experience some type of hair loss before age 50.
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What Causes Hair Loss?

t is totally normal for people to shed between 100 and 150 hairs per day. However, if you are losing more than that, you may be experiencing female pattern hair loss – a genetic condition that interferes with healthy hair growth.

Some indicators of hair loss include larger-than-normal clumps of hair in your shower drain, a wider part, and significantly finer hair. If you are experiencing female pattern hair loss, don’t worry – you are not alone. This condition affects over 30 million women in America. While it can start as early as your 20th birthday, female pattern hair loss typically begins after menopause.
Seeing a Doctor
Studies show that hair loss treatments work infinitely better if they are started early. As soon as you suspect trouble, talk to your general practitioner at hair restoration nyc. Your doctor will run tests to rule out thyroid problems, iron deficiency, and anemia. These can be the source of other types of hair loss. If your general practitioner believes your hair loss is in fact a result of female pattern hair loss, you will be referred to a dermatologist.
A dermatologist will perform a scalp exam and collect a detailed medical family history. After all the tests are complete, your dermatologist will help you design a treatment plan.
Treatment Options
There are a variety of techniques for dealing with hair loss.
The most popular natural remedy for combating hair loss is increasing your intake of iron, biotin, and zinc through the intake of Womens Vitamins for Hair Loss. While this tactic won’t stop or reverse your hair loss, it will ensure the hair you have is luscious and healthy.
The only FDA approved medical treatment for women is topical minoxidil (the drug found in Rogain, learn details at This medicine comes in a mousse or liquid form.
Some women choose the surgical hair restoration option. A follicular unit transplantation moves healthy hairs from one area of the scalp to a balding area.
Disguising Hair Loss
Treating hair loss isn’t the only option available. Some women simply choose to disguise their condition. For example, beautiful, natural-looking wigs are available in a variety of colors, lengths, and styles such as lace front wigs.
Other women choose to hide their thinning hair by changing their styling technique. Hair tends to lie flatter against the scalp when it is repeatedly brushed in the same direction. Therefore, switching your part can add volume and disguise the thinness of your locks.

A volumizing cut can create the illusion of thicker hair. A shorter style with interior layers will add fullness.

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There are also options such as ointments and medicated products like an anti hair loss shampoo. These are available commercially so you wouldn’t need approach a doctor for these products.

No matter how you choose to deal with your hair loss, try to instigate a method as soon as you notice the problem. Your chance of stopping (and reversing) hair loss is significantly affected by when you start your treatment method.
Guest blogger Dr. Mary Wright is a hair transplantation specialist. She helps patients who are dealing with hair loss, supplying hair loss information and treatment plans on a daily basis.
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