Get Your Pre-Pregnant Body Back with Fusion Pilates Birth Ball 3 DVD Set #Giveaway After having five children I know how difficult it is to lose weight and get your pre-pregnant body back. Fitness expert, Jennifer Gianni has released a new DVD set which combines her knowledge in Pilates, yoga and Gyrotonic to help women have a safe and effective pre and post natal workout, an easy delivery and get their pre-pregnant body back.

Fusion Pilates for PregnancyThe Fusion Birth Ball series is educational, innovative and helps women strengthen their bodies before, during and after pregnancy. “This is not al all a pure Pilates based workout,” explains Gianni. “I have incorporated the best ideas and exercises to best serve the pre and post natal body.  There are specific exercises for each trimester of pregnancy and for early post and late post moms.  I am particularly excited about the new and innovative pelvic floor exercises and sequencing that we have for each trimester and for post moms.  For post moms we have also built in information and exercises that help to prevent and repair first degree prolapses and diastasis recti.”

I found the exercises to be very effective and easy to follow.  Even after giving birth to my youngest nearly two years ago, I felt my muscles get stronger after doing the Fusion Pilates Birth Ball exercises for Post Pregnancy a few times a week for three weeks.

Jennifer Gianni’s Fusion Pilates Birth Ball for Pre & Post Pregnancy DVD series is a comprehensive, safe, and effective solution for your fitness needs during and after pregnancy. These new additions to the Fusion Pilates catalog utilize the Stability Ball to strengthen the muscles used in labor and delivery while also soothing the mind and calming the nervous system.

When Jennifer Gianni became pregnant with her first child, she realized how little information was available on how to stay in shape while taking every precaution to insure the safety of her baby and a healthy pregnancy.

Jennifer quickly developed a program for herself, relying on her years of experience in the mind/body field—including dance, Pilates, yoga, weight training, and more—to create a comprehensive series of DVDs that pull from all the disciplines at her disposal. The resulting workouts include modifications that are appropriate for each trimester and each stage of post pregnancy. Thousands of Jennifer’s clients and DVD users credit her Fusion Pilates™ Method for an easier delivery and a quick bounce back after delivery.

Focusing on the all-important pelvic floor muscles, as well as other muscles that are taxed by the changes in the pregnant body, the Fusion Pilates Birth Ball for Pre & Post Pregnancy series of DVDs provide a head-to-toe workout with an amazing prop that’s perfect for new moms and moms-to-be.

Here’s what the press is saying about Jennifer Gianni’s Fusion Pilates for Pre & Post Pregnancy:

“…GIANNI IS A MASTER IN HER FIELD! Creative combinations and excellent cueing deliver a perfect workout that is easy to follow and super-effective…”
—Shape Magazine
…A safe program for all pregnant women! These techniques prepare your body for labor and help get your body back fast after giving birth…”
—Fit Pregnancy Magazine
…Fast paced and fun! Get your body back while spending valuable time with your new baby!”
—Fit Pregnancy Magazine
…A must have for postnatal recovery…all the tools you need to bounce back quickly after childbirth…”
—Fit Pregnancy Magazine

For more information on Fusion Pilates and to purchase the Fusion Pilates Birth Ball series visit

One Healthy Moms Magazine reader can win the Fusion Pilates Birth Ball 3 DVD Series.  The prize includes:

 (1) set of all THREE Fusion Pilates for Pre & Post Natal Stability Ball DVDs—including:
• Fusion Pilates Birth Ball for Pregnancy
• Fusion Pilates Birth Ball for Post Pregnancy
• Fusion Pilates Birth Ball: Exercising with Baby

All you need to do is like Fusion Pilates on Facebook, follow Fusion Pilates on Twitter and leave us a comment to enter.

This contest is open to US residents only 18+ and ends on Friday October 26, 2012 at 8am PST.

*Disclosure: I received  the Fusion Pilates Birth Ball 3 DVD Series in exchange for this review all opinions are accurate and 100%  mine.

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