Halloween Festival- Origins and History

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Halloween is probably the most celebrated festival across the world, second only to Christmas. It’s a time to put on fancy and creative Halloween costumes, get together with friends and family, celebrate and have fun. Wouldn’t it be more fun if one was aware of the history and origin of the festival?

Halloween has not lost its sheen from the last 2000 years. It has been celebrated with same fervor and spirit. It is celebrated on 31stof October, which is the last day of Celtic Calendar. It derives its roots from culture of Pagan, where it was a holiday to honor the departed. In Celtic culture, the day symbolizes end of summer. The day was celebrated with great bonfires. A lot of rituals bordered on superstitions. Since they differentiated between good and evil spirits, they left treats and gifts at night to appease the non friendly spirits.

Different cultures celebrate Halloween with different rituals but the essential traditions remain mostly the same. And there is one more thing that binds the festival across the globe- the spirit, fervor and fun. 
Contributed by: Brenda Lyttle
Halloween Festival- Origins and History
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