HIV Prevention and Scientific Research

HIV is a sheisty virus which attacks and weakens the human immune system. To be precise, the virus leads to a reduction of t-helper cells which are responsible for the regulation and control of the transmission of antibodies in case an infection occurs. Although there is no way to completely cure victims of the HIV virus, there are some ways to prevent getting it in the first place. Since the virus is transmitted via sexual intercourse it is vital to remember to practice safer sex as long as one isn’t completely sure about one’s sex partner’s health. Since there’s always the risk of condoms bursting, it is nonetheless also advisable that the woman uses contraception such as the pill to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Furthermore, HIV can be transmitted via infected blood transfusions, which is why these have to be treated with special care. However, none of these methods provide 100% security. Therefore studying and learning more about the human immune system is key in the fight against HIV. Researchers are already able to develop quite effective treatments through which the lives of infected people can be prolonged. On this website hospitals and laboratories can gather information and even order products like antibodies which they need for their research.

A more detailed look

There are a number of different antibody suppliers which spend years developing new treatments against all kinds of diseases. Antibodies play a big role in this research. Basically, antibodies are proteins that the immune system uses to identify and neutralize objects that may cause the body harm, like bacteria and viruses. Many tests with liquids and various assay kits are necessary to gain new insights in the treatment of diseases and the development of specific antibodies. If you want to learn more about this topic and have a look at what antibody suppliers offer on their websites, you can learn more about Bioss antibodies if you click the link.

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