How to Quit Smoking Blueprint to Quit

Taking Care of Your Family's Health and Well-being, Saints to Turn to, and the Catholic Faith According to the CDC, in 2010 1 out of every five US adults were current smokers.  Tobacco use today is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States.

As a former smoker, I know how difficult it is to quit smoking.  For example, 85% of quit attempts are unaided and the average quitter is successful only after his or her seventh try. However, smokers are unaware of the information and tools available.

Smokers trying to quit encounter two major problems. The first one is learning how to overcome the physical addiction to nicotine.  The second is learning how to overcome the emotional or psychological cravings for the nicotine. In order to solve these two problems the smoker needs Pharmacotherapy or Nicotine Replacement Therapy along with Behavioral Support.

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Nicorette and Nicoderm have put together a Walmart-exclusive program that gives you everything you need to quit smoking for good. 

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How to Quit Smoking Blueprint to Quit
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