Four Things I Learned from the 2012 Presidential Election
After a year and a half of media coverage and 2 billion dollars spent on political ads the 2012 Presidential election is finally over. Like many Americans the Obama victory has saddened me and left me scared for my childrens’ futures. However, I am trying my best to put the election behind by reflecting on what I have learned.

1. America voted for four more years of  extremely high unemployment, slow economic growth, out-of-control government spending,  socialized medicine, and more and more Americans living in poverty and relying on food stamps and other public assistance.

I don’t think I will ever understand why so many Americans knowingly chose four more years of what I believe is a dismal future for our children. Some people claim that people voted for Obama because the mainstream media bias towards liberals and progressives. Others claim that voters are just not educated enough on the history of our country and how government policies have an impact on our Republic. I believe that the outcome of the election has to be due to to a combination of each.

2. America will never be the same.

The republic of the past, individual freedoms and free market system that once made this country great is gone.  Many people immigrated to the US to pursue the “American Dream.” But after this election our country is looking more like Europe and the “American Dream,” is fading.  Obama proved that when you grow the government quickly and expand public assistance the people who rely on public assistance are more likely to vote for the officials who gave them the public assistance.  Many more Americans today have given up on looking for work and have accepted welfare as a new normal.  If the government is going to give them a free handout then they will take it.  With higher taxes and more government regulation on business there are fewer jobs and less entrepreneurs.

3. A social and economic collapse and social upheaval are in the near future.

This past summer we watched Greece’s economy sink and their people voted for more of the same just like the US.  According to The Economic Collapse Blog, in June the unemployment rate in Greece was at 22%.  If you count the millions of Americans who have stopped receiving unemployment but are still out of work, we are quickly catching up to Greece. Just like Greece, if the Obama Administration continues to run up the deficit and put government programs on a credit card our economy will collapse, food and gas prices will go up and the US dollar will be worthless.  A major economic crises will inevitably lead to social upheaval in our country.

4. My faith and prayer will help me get through the next four years.

My beloved America may be changing but my faith is getting stronger every day.  I need to educate myself more on our countries founding principles and pray every day for the United States, President Obama and my children’s futures.  I refuse to be a sore loser and will not dwell on what went wrong during this election.  Yes, I believe that the election was about good versus evil and evil won.  However, God will prevail. He is the way, the truth and the light.  We need to trust in Him.

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