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Author Explains How to Harness Your Intuition in Order to Be a Better Parent in New Book

Personally I do not believe in the paranormal.  My Catholic upbringing has influenced me into thinking that psychics just tell stories and none of it is real.  However, many people follow, listen to and believe psychics and the outside realm.  In the new book, Born With a Gift, Live Your Life Through Your Gift, author Sasha Brisk explains how we can connect with our own universal gifts in order to live life stress free and be a better parent and spouse.

“If we can balance these core attributes,” Brisk writes in the preface, “Our lives will become stress free and we will float through life with love, balance and open doors. Throughout Born with a Gift, we are taught to use our gifts to encourage ourselves to limit closed doors and release negative thoughts that we hold on to.  We must release the past and use our psychic awareness to tune in to our intuition and counsel ourselves through our life’s journey.  We all have ups and downs, but by listening and being constantly aware of what is around us, we will be surprised at what we find. Throughout this book are examples of how we can tune in to the universe, listen to our emotions, and receive messages from those on the other side. (what some call the spiritual realm). Angels, fairies, paranormal entities and deceased loved ones- just to name a few – are continually supporting us and communicating with us to guide us through all of our ups and downs.”

I do believe that everyone has their own gifts.  However, as a practicing Catholic my beliefs are very different from what Brisk explains in her book.  I do believe in angels and that your loved ones are able to communicate with you after they die. But, for me the spiritual world is ruled by God Almighty and you can harness your intuition through prayer and listening to God’s message for you.  Prayer and accepting Jesus as your savior will lead you to a stress free life.

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If you are seeking for answers that are beyond what the Bible teaches and what you hear from your pastor or priest during Sunday service, then Born With a Gift offers a new perspective on life and how you can connect to your natural gifts.

“Once people balance their core attributes and accept their natural gifts, they can achieve a truly stress free life,” Brisk says.  Peace, love, happiness, hope — all of these are words that everyone knows but no one really understands how to translate them into action in everyday life.”

You can purchase Born With A Gift: Live Your Life Through Your Gift, by Sasha Brisk on Amazon.com or at your local bookstore. 

*Disclosure: I received a copy of the book, Born With a Gift: Live Your Life Through Your Gift, by Sasha Brisk in exchange for this review.  All opinions are accurate and 100% mine.

Cascia Talbert is a busy blogger, publisher, freelance writer, online merchant and mother of five children, living in The Pacific Northwest. With a B.A. in history and law and a passion for writing and staying healthy, she started The Healthy Moms Magazine in 2007. The Healthy Moms Magazine is currently ranked the top health blog for moms and features several health expert writers and mom bloggers. Ms. Talbert believes that if mothers are well educated on health issues and how to stay healthy, they can pass that information down to their children and reverse the childhood obesity statistics in the U.S.

Ms. Talbert is a featured health blogger at Wellsphere.com and her articles can also be found on ezinearticles.com. She also runs the Healthy Moms Social Network on Ning, is the Chief Marketing Officer for Talbert Nutrition LLC,  and is on the Social Media Advisory Board for America’s Wellness Challenge. Follow her on .

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Cascia Talbert

Cascia Talbert is a devout Catholic, mother of five children, health and fitness enthusiast and positive parenting supporter. She is also the founder of the award winning online health, fitness, parenting and Christian faith magazine for moms, the Healthy Moms Magazine. She lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband, five children and one spoiled cat. Her hobbies include gardening, country music, running, and playing her flute. Check out her first book, "Taking Care of your Family's Health and Well-being, Saints to Turn to and the Catholic Faith," available anywhere books are sold.