How to Grow Longer, Stronger, Healthier Hair

By Sue Quan
Hair loss can happen to anyone, regardless of gender, age or ethnicity, but most people do not know understand what causes hair loss or how to reverse it. Like your body, your hair needs certain things to thrive. These things include: vitamins and minerals, proper care, the right styling products and protection from the elements. If you want to reverse hair loss, or you are simply interested in growing longer, stronger, healthier hair, the following tips can help you.
Hair Loss Explained
Hair loss is one of the ways your body sends you a signal that something is wrong. Everyone loses some hair each day. Losing 100 or fewer hairs daily is normal. This is how your hair maintains its health: As older strands fall out, they are replaced with new strands. Hair loss beyond 100 strands per day, however, may indicate some other issue that needs to be addressed. WebMD cites eight main reasons why hair loss happens. These reasons include: stress, genetics, medication (such as chemotherapy), damage from improper hair care, aging, dietary imbalances, hormonal imbalances (such as those caused by thyroid disease) and in children, ringworm of the scalp. It is important to review these eight common causes of hair loss with your doctor before deciding on the best course of treatment.
Hair Loss Treatment
One way to grow longer, stronger, healthier hair immediately is by using hair regrowth products. Products range from simple vitamin and mineral supplements to over-the-counter topical solutions to doctor-prescribed medications. Sometimes a combination approach will offer the best solution. There are many products available today to help counter hair loss. Certain vitamins, minerals, amino acids and nutrients are very important for hair regrowth and strengthening. Choose a product that will support your hair to grow new strands that are strong and healthy. recommends products that contain zinc, B vitamins (especially B12), folate, calcium and iron. Other substances that promote hair growth include: biotin, arginine, capsicum, shou wu, Trichogen, niacin and saw palmetto. Products especially formulated for hair are available online as well as in many stores.
Hair Regrowth Prognosis
If you are currently experiencing hair loss or thinning, it is natural to wonder how long it will take to reverse the loss. There is no single answer that applies to every person, but hair restoration will happen much more quickly if you act to support your hair by giving it what it needs. Beyond having a healthy diet and taking the vitamins and minerals your hair needs to be healthy, you also need to look at your lifestyle as a whole for other causes you can control. For instance, one common cause of hair breakage, splitting and thinning is frequent use of heat-based styling tools (hair dryers, flatirons and curlers are common culprits). If you do use heat-based styling tools, be sure you are also applying products that protect your hair from the heat. If possible, let your hair air-dry instead of using a hair dryer. Before swimming, put on a swim cap or apply products that protect your hair from the chlorine found in pool water. Also, wear a hat in bright sunlight to shield your hair from ultraviolet rays.
Finally, another proactive step you can take is to research the side effects of any medications you are taking to see if hair loss is included and then talk to your doctor about alternate options. Also, evaluate your sleep patterns and decide if you are getting enough rest. Over time, inadequate sleep puts stress on the body, which can manifest as hair thinning and loss. If you follow all of these steps and are willing to make changes to support your hair, you will put yourself back on the road to enjoying longer, stronger, healthier hair.
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About the Author: Sue Quan was distressed when she first noticed her hair thinning around the temples. She took a proactive approach to educate herself about hair health, and today she blogs to help others learn how to maintain healthy locks.

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