New Book of Poems Encourage Christians to Take a Closer Look at Their Faith
Christian churches in America are slowly shrinking.  Attendance is down and many congregations are closing their doors.  This growing trend is sad and prevents Christianity from spreading God‘s word.  Today our country is faced with a weakening economy and an uncertain global future due to turmoil in the middle east. The United States needs God more than ever.

Evangelical Methodist lay preacher Paul Juby’s new book, Revival, Hallelujah! presents a collection of poems with a personal pious message to unbelievers, fence sitters, pastors, church leaders and congregations.  Written in blank verse, Revival, Hallelujah! conveys enthusiastic and contagious messages of the need for people to have Jesus within and without their lives.

“I felt greatly inspired to witness to as many people as possible through writing numerous ideas in blank verse,” says Juby.  “Too often people talk of revival as impossible.  These poems can help sur anyone into action who might be hesitating and can stir churches to revitalization.”

Juby’s poems are beautiful and inspiring.  Revival, Hallelujah! is a must have book for every Christian library and home.

What If What if I did not have
Jesus as a friend?
What if life was empty,
Just meaningless?
No real life,
No real purpose,
No real love
For the love
From Jesus
Is what brings us life.
Without the Lord Jesus,
Life would be blank,
Just nothing.
Just emptiness.
It’s like a bad nightmare.
That “What if”
Does not exist.
We have Jesus right now.
We need never be alone.
Life is good,
It brims over with love,
With joy.
Life is so full
Because Jesus is here.
We are so glad,
We praise Him,
We worship Him,
We love Him.

Excerpt from Revival, Hallelujah!

This beautiful book of poems has inspired me to reflect on my faith and how I can serve others through God’s message. You can purchase Revival, Hallelujah!: From the Shoulder by Paul Juby on or at your local bookstore.

*Disclosure: I received a copy of Revival, Hallelujah! in exchange for this review. All opinions are accurate and 100% mine.

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