Superfoods to the Rescue
By John Stewart

Not all foods that we eat are equally nutritious and are healthy to the body. A lot of us are aware of the basic nutritional principles, such as eating lots of fruits and vegetables and limiting high fat and sugary food. Superfoods are basically foods that are considered wholesome. They are rich in nutrients, high in antioxidants and are very low in calories. Studies showed that these foods can help reduce an inflammation, can help control the blood sugar levels and can even prevent lots of diseases. Here are some lists of superfoods to include in your diet.
Bee Pollen 
Bee Pollen is considered to be one of the richestand the purest natural food ever discovered. The incredible and nutritional and its medicinal value have been for centuries. Bee pollens contain vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, lipids and proteins. All of these come from the pollens that are collected on the bodies of the bees. This is available at many food stores. You can even find bee pollen on other natural dietary supplement and in skin products. Skin products with bee pollen are good for the baby’s diaper rash or even eczema. Some are also recommending it for alcoholism, allergies, asthma, and stomach problems.
The garlic has been renowned for its healing properties. This has also been proven as the best natural remedy for colds and flu. Aside from that the garlic is also a powerful antioxidant. It has also been proven to help reduce the high cholesterol level.
Onion is a good source of Vitamin C, biotin, calcium, B6, chromium and dietary fiber. Onions also contains flavonoids and they act as antioxidants. They have direct anti-tumor effects and have immune enhancing properties. It also has a huge amount of sulfur and it good for the liver. Sulfur is best combined with protein because they help stimulate the actions of the amino acids to a person’s brain and nervous system. It has anti-inflammatory effect, acts as an antibiotic, antiviral, and has diverse anti-cancer powers.
Alfalfa has been known to treat kidney stones, and helps alleviate the fluid retention and the swelling. It has been used by the Chinese as a herbal medicine. Alfalfa is rich in protein and Vitamins E and K. The alfalfa leaves contains eight very essential amino acids. It is proven to be an excellent laxative and as a good natural diuretic. It also is good treating urinary tract infections, bladder, prostate disorders and kidney problems. It helps alkalizes and helps detoxify the body, especially the liver. This is a good remedy for arthritis, asthma, hay fever, and diabetes.
Raw Honey
Honey is a sweet and edible jelly substance that is produced by certain insects from the nectars of flowers. Raw honey is completely natural that is not processed, not heated nor unfiltered. It is the most pure form of honey offered by nature. It is antiseptic, antibacterial, antibiotic and antifungal. It is quickly absorbed by the body and helps with stomach and indigestion problems.
John Stewart is a keen health and fitness enthusiast that writes on many health topics including digestion, anxiety and sleep issues. He specializes in supply of Univase Forte – a potent PH sensitive enzyme blend that helps with digestion.

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