An Epiphany of a Seven Year Old

The Feast of the Epiphany is celebrated on January 6th every year by the Catholic Church. It just so happened this year it fell on a Sunday coinciding with the Sabbath. My post today will not bear a religious tone, but a spiritual one so hang on… 🙂

The Epiphany is a Christian feast day that celebrates the revelation of God the Son as a human being in Jesus Christ. The people of Bethlehem realized (dawned, believed, aha-moment, etc.) that God has come in the form of a man and therefore had an EPIPHANY they were in the PHYSICAL presence of God.

Have you ever had an epiphany? I bet you have. Oprah calls them “a-ha” moments. I call them “your wide awakenings”! (HA, bet you couldn’t have guessed that one!?!) I have had quite a few. Here is my definition:

Your Wide Awakening: (n.); an extended moment in time where you realize that you have LIGHT, you must extend your LIGHT to the World, and you are in the presence of Light (Universe). Feels like a big burst of self-love that starts a fire inside of you to surrender, forgive, and to live your life with passion and purpose! To choose love over fear.

Why else would we be here?

There is something out there that is bigger than us. Universe, Source, Buddha, God, Spirit, Aura, Self, etc. – call it what feels most comfortable to you. This is where your Faith comes in and why its so important.

I watched my 7 year old have an Epiphany (Wide Awakening) in Church this morning. How magical!

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The priest was visiting from out of town. I have been disenchanted by the homilies as of late at Church because they are mostly uninspiring. I feel worse about my sins and need the forgiveness of God after I leave. Instead, I want to shout “Amen!” like I see during homilies/sermons at some other churches. I want to sing the praises of this wonderful Life and feel inspired, blessed, and grateful for God’s blessings that He has bestowed upon me. I want to get energized, restored, renewed to take on the upcoming week certainly not talked down to.

This morning I WAS INSPIRED!

The priest was on fire, encouraging us to realize we are all LIGHTS in this world, just like Jesus. That we are here to use our talents to give to our fellow brothers and sisters!

He told of a story about St. Francis of Assisi. He said every morning when Francis got up he would pray to God and ask “What will You have me do today, God?” and the second thing he would do was to thank God for giving him that very ability to serve others.
St. Francis of Assisi’s Daily To Do List
1.Service 2.Gratitude

My daughter saw me smiling and saw that I wanted to scream “Amen!” or clap or cheer or jump up. But it’s not that kind of Church so I didn’t. (and to shield any embarrassment a 6 year old or 7 year old kid could experience because of their mother! “Moooooommmmmm!”)

Later on in the day, she asked me, “You liked that priest today, Mommy. He was good, right?” I smiled and asked her,” do you remember the story he told about St. Francis of Assisi?”

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And she replied,” Yes, Mom, ummmm, what do you think God will have me do tomorrow!?”

Holding back shock, I told her, “whatever you would like, dear.”

Then, this is what comes out of her mouth, “I think I will help out a friend on the playground. I feel good when I help others.” 

My daughter just had an epiphany with a capital E.

Its feels good to serve others with whatever Gift you have been given. I do not care how sick, depressed, tired, lonely, etc. you are, you have a Gift that can light up one person’s world! A really good listening ear, a knack for encouraging others, or telling funny jokes. There is no Gift too small. They are big to at least one person, I can guarantee that!

So, tomorrow, Unwrap your Gift and share it with others… tomorrow, the next day and the day after that! You and my 7 year old. 🙂

Jensy Scarola is a stay at home mom, blogger, writer, and kids yoga instructor. Jensy is the mother to her two greatest teachers of Life, daughters ages 7 & 5 and happily married to her high school soulmate. She was most recently the Executive Director for Fit & Healthy Schools, a non-profit organization fighting childhood obesity. She has since left that career in order to find her true calling as an author, but keeps that passion in mind as she teaches young children yoga. She currently blogs at where she shares her tips, struggles, triumphs, spirituality, and motivating tools for women and men in hopes to help others overcome their adversity. She has beaten an eating disorder and overcome postpartum depression too! Visit her website to learn more about her, her life story, to read inspiring lifestyle articles and daily motivating thoughts. Join her FB page to take part in the discussion at Your Wide Awakening. In her spare time, she loves to bake, do crafts with her kids, watch sappy romantic films, read, watch Oprah and Redskins Football, and cannot forget this: eat chocolate! Did you find this information helpful? Click Here to show your support for The Healthy Moms Magazine.  

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