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#ChildObesity Twitter Chat Monday Jan 21, 9pm EST


Today over nine million children over the age of six in the United States are considered obese. They are at greater risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and having a lower life expectancy than their parents.  These statistics are scary but true.  Organizations like First Lady, Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign and this website are working hard to spread awareness with the hopes of reducing the number of over weight children in the US.

Please join The Healthy Moms Magazine on Monday, January  21, 2013 at 9pm EST for a discussion on childhood obesity and what you can do to reduce your child‘s risk of becoming overweight or obese. 

What: Childhood Obesity Twitter Chat
Date/Time: Monday, January 21, 9pm EST
Hosts:  @cltalbert and tba
Sponsor: tba
Prizes: tba
Hashtag: #ChildObesity

Leave your twitter handle to RSVP and to be including in the prize drawing.

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On Monday January 14 we reached over 97,000 people on twitter. With your help we can reach twice as many.

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Cascia Talbert

Cascia Talbert is a devout Catholic, mother of five children, health and fitness enthusiast and positive parenting supporter. She is also the founder of the award winning online health, fitness, parenting and Christian faith magazine for moms, the Healthy Moms Magazine. She lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband, five children and one spoiled cat. Her hobbies include gardening, country music, running, and playing her flute. Check out her first book, "Taking Care of your Family's Health and Well-being, Saints to Turn to and the Catholic Faith," available anywhere books are sold.



  1. Ava January 21, 2013

    Great Idea, my specialty in the area is hungry feeling versus hungry tummy and how to teach the difference!
    Kids’ day-to-day upsets and unexpressed feelings lead to overeating, but food can never truly satisfy emotional hunger. Here are some thoughts on how to get to the root of the problem.

  2. Cascia Talbert January 21, 2013

    Thanks for visitng, Ava. I hope you are able to join us tonight. I will take a look at your link.