Eating-right Resolutions for Busy People

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Eating-right Resolutions for Busy People

    By Jackie Newgent for Completely You


Since eating more healthful foods and losing weight are popular new year’s resolutions, I decided to reach out to the experts for advice. Here, Patricia Bannan — author of Eat Right When Time Is Tight: 150 Slim-down Strategies and No-cook Food Fixes — gives her stick-with-it-advice:

  • Think “veg out and fruit up.” Five to nine servings of fruit and vegetables a day is optimal. Always carry portable fruit, like an apple, boxes of raisins, or a bag of dried banana chips in your purse. Opt for a vegetable-heavy dish, such as a salad or sandwich loaded with veggies, for lunch.
  • “Appe-size” the meals in which you tend to overeat. Consider an appetizer, which tends to be lower in calories and takes time to eat, as an appetite speed-bump. Before your meal, sip broth-based soup, order a cup of hot herbal tea or enjoy a 100-calorie snack that includes protein, like a few tablespoons of hummus or 30 pistachios.
  • Energize in three to five. That means strive for energy balance throughout the day by eating every three to five hours. Keep healthy snacks on hand or set a reminder on your phone to keep on schedule.
  • Laugh! Stress cannot only make you sick; it can make you gain weight as well. Humor defuses stress and the stress hormones it produces. So surround yourself with light-hearted people, watch comedies or try to find the funny in your daily life.

                is a registered dietitian, chef and award-winning author ofThe All-Natural Diabetes Cookbook and Big Green
Cookbook. She frequently appears as a culinary nutrition expert on television. Past appearances includeABC’s “Good Morning America” and NBC’s “Dateline”. Visit her website,

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Eating-right Resolutions for Busy People
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