What to do with Your Kid’s Stuff When they Go to College


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When your kids are ready to head off to college they are entering a passage towards a new chapter to their adult journey. But often parents are left with the clutter their child has collected his/her life. That Star Wars action figure with a missing arm may seem like trash to you, but to your child it could be a their gold. And that plaid shirt with the oil stains could be their own private security blanket. The best thing to do is to find a storage directory such as www.usstoragesearch.com, and find a unit that will accommodate your needs and provide down-gradable options with no contracts. 
Home for the Holidays

When your big kid returns home for the holidays, take out some time to drag them to the storage unit and sort through the things they want to keep, and the things they can try to sell towards getting more money for those expensive textbooks. If they begin to protest, ask them if they would like to float the bill for that $300 Bio Chemistry book. More than likely, they will step back and happily sort their items in the storage locker. Have them make three piles: (1) things they can’t live without, (2) items they used on and off, and (3) things they seldom used.  This method will keep them focused and will aid in their decision-making. If they can get rid of enough stuff, perhaps you can downgrade to a small unit and save some money!Security

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This is probably the most crucial feature to a storage unit. Not only are poorly guarded storage sites a hotspot for theft, strange people seem to gravitate towards them. In an article by NBC News, a dead man was found stuffed into a storage locker after someone reported seeing smoke coming from the storage’s property. For some reason, low-quality storage facilities seem to be a magnet for odd events. Homeless people love to crawl into empty lockers and declare them as being their own personal condos. They are also hot spots for streetwalkers and drug dealers. Even if the cost is cheaper, avoid sites that are guarded by pit bulls and opt for one with high walls and solid, locked doors that require a security access code for entry. Also, make sure to insure your child’s goods. In the event Bubba the Drunk gets high-tech and cracks the security code, it will be good to know your child’s items are backed by an insurance plan.Storing your Child’s Car

If your son/daughter is leaving their car behind, and you are dying for a chance to have extra garage room, consider storing your child’s car. Why not just park it on the curb? First of all, it isn’t protected from the elements. Harsh weather can damage a vehicle and do a number of the paint job. Also, people will start to recognize that the car is always out there, and never moves. Your neighbors may not care, but any one passing by looking for an opportunity to make some money will notice. Often, thieves will scout neighborhoods and look for homes that constantly leave windows open, or cars that are always parked in the same spot and off the immediate property. Storing the vehicle in an indoor unit is secure, safe, and by doing so you may even be able to eliminate the other storage room by fitting your child’s things inside the car, and along the walls.Do Your Research 

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Do an online search and be that mom out of your group of friends who finds a safe, clean and well-protected storage locker for your child’s possessions. After all, when they complete college they will be grateful that you saved their precious things from their childhood. Also, free up some space in your own home, and enjoy some peace and quiet!

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