Build Fantasy Figures with Your Children
By Danielle Webb

Electronics can seem to take over our children’s lives sometimes. 
Even a baby can grasp some of the basic controls of a smartphone and children as young as two are using them to play games. 
This engagement with technology is not necessarily a bad thing, being able to keep up to date with software will no doubt be important as they grow and get jobs, but it should not take president over letting them create with their hands or use their imagination with games. 
Children’s clothes retailer Polarn O. Pyret recently shared some PDFs with simple, cost effective ways of encouraging this type of imaginative and tactile play. 
There is one on here on building your own stilts, but another great alternative to engage their creative side could also be for them to make their very own fantasy figures – you’ll be surprised with what they come up with! If your child is a little older encourage them to draw their own character or animal, then shop your house, garage or recycling bin for the components. 
If your child isn’t yet old enough to do a drawing then provide a selection of materials and see what you can make with them. Items such as fabric scraps, bottles and lids, boxes, wood scraps and jar lids are perfect for this. 
The best part of getting your children to make their own characters is seeing their confidence and imagination flourish. They are able to think logically how different objects could interact, how they can adhere two items and of course they can proudly display and talk about what they made when people come to visit! 
So not just a great way to encourage creative play, but a perfect way to do some clearing out in your own home! In fact, you could shop your left over bits and create a box for them to make their own things over and over again; the more you add to it, the more they can learn and create.

Danielle Webb is a busy blogger, creative and mother of one who regularly shares her adventures and tips in the hope that she will inspire and guide parents, as so many have done before her.

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