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Burn More Calories While You Work Out with Sweet Sweat

I try to work out at least three times a week.  Taking care of five children, two with special needs,  being there for my husband,  and doing household chores all while running a business from my home consumes my time.  I’ll admit, sometimes I go weeks without working out.  But when I do find the time for fitness I always apply Sweet Sweat to my problem areas before working out.

What is Sweet Sweat?

Sweet Sweat is a thermogenic cream that comes in a stick form or jar.  When applied to your skin it greatly enhances and accelerates the sweating process during vigorous exercise. It takes energy to sweat, more energy than most people might think. And like all energy consuming processes, SWEATING BURNS CALORIES.

Like most moms, my problem areas are in my mid-section.  I have the classic “mommy belly” along with a muffin top from my two c-sections.  Ever since I started applying Sweet Sweat to my mommy belly before I work out  the flab is less noticeable.  Sweet Sweat really works! After having five children I am finally getting the toned tummy that I always wanted.

How Does it Work?

Sweet Sweat’s safe formula creates a “thermogenic effect on the applied areas. It increases the circulation to exercising muscles, allowing you to experience a more effective workout. It also accelerates warm up and recovery time, making exercise easier while reducing the risk of aches, cramps, and muscle pulls.”

“Thermogenic action is the process of generating energy in the body. Through physical activities, your body releases heat by utilizing stored calories. For optimum calorie burn in a workout, thermogenic action must be sustained without overheating the exercising muscles.”

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“Sweet Sweat improves overall performance through vasodilation. It helps relax your blood vessels and improve blood circulation, efficiently carrying the essential oxygen and nutrients to the applied areas. The improvement in blood flow reduces your risk of injuries and speeds up your recovery time.”

“Furthermore, Sweet Sweat boosts thermogenic action and enhances calorie burn by insulating heat. Its breathable barrier enables your body to cool down and prevent muscle exhaustion during your workout. With optimized results every time you exercise or train, Sweet Sweat ensures you achieve your winning performance.” (sweetsweat.com)

If you want to experience Sweet Sweat for yourself visit SweetSweat.com.  You can also follow Sweet Sweat on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

*Disclosure: I received a Sweet Sweat Stick in exchange for this review.  All opinions are accurate and 100% mine.

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