Embracing the Proactive Mentality in all Aspects

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As moms, staying healthy and leading a proactive life is not only detrimental to our overall health and happiness, it also allows us to be at our best so that our children may be at theirs. In between our family and career, we make the time to exercise and eat healthy. But often we neglect certain areas in our lives that can fall under the radar—our legal rights. After all, accidents aren’t commonplace occurrences and we are not used to dealing with them. Therefore, our instinct may sometimes be to take a road that seems fast and easy in order to get out of a stressful situation. In the event of an accident all too often people will settle with the insurance companies, and even trust that what they are saying to be truthful. When you have been injured you need to embrace the proactive mentality and contact an injury law specialist like James Cupero. Only a lawyer can provide you with the options you have within your legal rights.


When an overly friendly insurance representative makes golden-lined statements and offers to cut you a check, guess what, he already talked to his lawyer. Insurance companies have a team of lawyers on call that they can phone anytime. When dealing with an insurance company you need to be proactive and seek legal guidance before giving them any kind of an answer to their questions. Here are some clear signs that that an insurance company may be up to no good:

·      The adjuster has not called you within a week of the accident
·      The adjuster refuses to tell you the policy terms
·      The adjuster wants to tape record you
·      The adjuster refuses to state who the guilty party is
·      The insurance company wants their doctor to examine you
·      The adjuster is dodging you

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Typically when you haven’t heard from the adjuster within a week of the accident it means the other party hasn’t filed their claim yet, or the company is understaffed. Either way, you need this resolved quickly and often it takes a lawyer to prod them into action. You also need to demand that the insurance adjuster sends you a copy of the guilty party’s auto policy limit in writing. If they refuse to do this, contact a lawyer right away.

Under no circumstances should you let the adjuster tape record you until you have spoken to a lawyer. If you give the wrong answer your words can be held against you. You will also want to ask the adjuster to send you a letter that dictates their insured person was at fault of the accident. If the adjuster says that their insurer was not at total fault, ask for a letter in writing that specifically explains why they think you are partially at fault. You will always want to speak with a lawyer regarding comparative fault laws, as they are complex and any little oversight can cost you big. Also, be on guard when an insurance company wants their doctor to examine you. This can lead to a classic case of entrapment, and you will want to talk to a lawyer before even giving them the time of day.

Stand up for yourself

When you are injured and the insurance adjuster is displaying one of these concerns or even if you are unsure as to how to proceed, you must contact a lawyer. In an article published by NBC News a jury awarded a woman over half a million dollars after State Farm Insurance claimed her back was never injured in an accident. Just as you are proactive in work and play, be proactive in ensuring that you have maintained all of your legal rights.

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