Make the Most of Your Maternity Leave

By Danielle Webb
Pregnancy can obviously be a troubling time, but needn’t be. While you certainly will have a ‘glow’ about you, with many remarking how radiant you look when pregnant, you probably won’t feel so radiant on the inside – the morning sickness, heartburn, itches, leg cramps, backache and hampered mobility will have seen to that!
But like I said, pregnancy need not be such a troubling time – in fact some women (a minority, it has to be said) have actually found ways to sit back and enjoy their pregnancy. Here are some things you can do to make the most of your maternity leave:
A healthy diet is vitally important during pregnancy– not only are you eating for two, with your baby’s health largely dependant on your diet, but eating the right foods will actually make you feel better – take care to eat the right amount of fruit and vegetables, starchy foods, protein and of dairy to ward off those mood swings!

Ease those aches and pains


If you are not feeling great about your appearance, there is absolutely nothing wrong with pampering yourself – go to a beauty salon, spa or massage parlour to ease the aches in your back.
*Note:If going to a spa it would be best to avoid heat treatments like Jacuzzis and saunas as this will affect that nutrients travel to your baby as your body temperature rises.
Maternity Clothes
While those sweat pants you’ve wearing for weeks might be incredibly comfortable, bear in mind that there are comfortable clothes out there that are also designed to make you look great – take a look at this beautiful selection of maternity dresses from Tiffany Roseand you’ll see what I mean. Your husband might thank you too – he can finally get his shirts and sweats back!

Danielle Webb is a busy blogger, creative and mother of one who regularly shares her adventures and tips in the hope that she will inspire and guide parents, as so many have done before her. 

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