Please Join us and @dietexpertNJ for a #BellyFatDiet Twitter Party on Wed. Feb. 27 at 9PM EST

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After having five children I know how difficult it is to lose the belly fat.  Like most moms my mid-section is well – flabby.  I can do countless crunches and sit-ups but the “mommy tummy” is still there. Does this sound familiar? 

What if you knew all the secrets, tips and tricks to getting a lean belly?  For one night only on Twitter the Healthy Moms Magazine and the author of Belly Fat Diet for Dummies,  nutrition and fitness expert Erin Palinksi-Wade are going to share secrets to the most effective ways to blast away belly fat. Join us for a #bellyfatdiet twitter party on Wednesday February 27 at 9PM EST.

Erin is also giving away five “Belly Fat Diet for Dummies” books to lucky participants.   You must follow @dietexpertNJ and @cltalbert and leave your twitter id below in order to be entered into the prize giveaway. The winners will be chosen from and announced on twitter at 12:00 noon EST on February 28.

What: Most Effective Ways to Blast Away Belly Fat Twitter Party

Date/Time: Wednesday, February 27, 9pm EST

Host:  @cltalbert 

 Sponsor: nutrition and fitness expert Erin Palinksi-Wade

Hashtag: #BellyFatDiet

Prize: 5 Belly Fat Diet for Dummies Books
“Belly Fat Diet For Dummies,” begins by defining what belly fat is and why it is so harmful to your health.  “Even if you’re at a relatively healthy body weight, holding excess fat in your abdominal area causes you to have an increased waistline and thus be at a much greater risk of health complications,” Palinksi explains, “a comprehensive European study found that every 2-inch increase in your waistline increased mortality by 13 percent in women and as much as 17 percent in men.”  Even people at a healthy weight may have too much belly fat. Stay in the loop and find out about upcoming twitter chats and giveaways from The Healthy Moms Magazine! Fill out this form for more information.

Congratulations to @debbiemcmullen @bettycd @Stacey5656 @JeanetteElb @S_thirtymommy winners! You each get a copy of the book Belly Fat Diet for Dummies.  Please e-mail your address to talbert cascia at to claim your prize!

Please Join us and @dietexpertNJ for a #BellyFatDiet Twitter Party on Wed. Feb. 27 at 9PM EST
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