5 Dangerous Online Activities Your Teens Might Be Doing


The Internet is a very useful tool for those who use it properly. However, if you have teenagers at home you should be very careful as to what activities they engage in online. It is so easy for your teen to get into some serious trouble if they are not careful about what they do or say. Monitoring your teen’s online activities is something you should do to ensure their safety.
Gambling Online 
In the last few years, online gambling sites have been soaring in popularity. They work much like real casinos in the sense that players can gamble with real money. Technically, players registered with any online gambling site must be at least 18 years of age. At an online casino there is no way to check a player’s. When signing up for a membership, players must enter their birth date. This is a flawed system the online casino has no way of knowing whether or not they are telling the truth. In addition to online gambling sites, even certain online bingo games can be played with real money. If your teenager stumbles across one of these sites and forks over your credit card information to play, you will not be able to get back the money they lose.

Social Media Sites 
Social media sites can be both entertaining and useful, but if your teenager reveals the wrong information or communicates with the wrong kind of people they can open themselves up to a whole new world of trouble. Though sites like Facebook have a minimum age to join, it is far too easy for your teen to lie about their age here as well. If your teen accepts friend requests from strangers they have full access to your teen’s Facebook page unless your teen restricts access, which most of them don’t. Predators can easily friend your teenager on Facebook and find out where he or she works, goes to school or hangs out on the weekends. This makes your teen particularly vulnerable to becoming the victim of a crime.
Chat Rooms 
While they are not as popular as they used to be, chat rooms can also become dangerous territory for your teenager. If he or she stumbles into a chat with much older people, drug users, pedophiles, etc they can inadvertently put themselves in a dangerous situation. Many teens will not hesitate to share personal information and questionable pictures with strangers they met online.
Dating Sites 
Dating sites can also get your teenager into hot water. They may meet someone through the site and choose to meet him or her in person, which could put them in terrible danger.
Porn Sites 
Teenagers, especially boys, often either go looking for porn online or simply stumble across it while looking for someone else. Since there is so much of it online and it is so easy to find, porn sites can pose a major problem. If your teenager views and downloads illegal porn, you could be held responsible for it.
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