How to Connect With Your Husband During Pregnancy
Becoming a parent is a life changing event, but the months leading up to the birth of a child make up a new life chapter all its own.

Sometimes spouses find it hard to connect during pregnancy, as the mother is going through so many changes, physical and emotional intimacy may be hard to come by but luckily there are some things that partners can do together during pregnancy to nurture their relationship; making them an even stronger team when the time comes to start parenting.

Although it might seem somewhat cliché, date nights are a great way to keep the love alive. It gives both parties a chance to talk to each other about the future; their hopes and dreams, even their fears and worries. Go see a movie or have a nice dinner, even a romantic night in without interruption can allow for a better connection between the expectant mother and father.

Planning for a baby can be extremely exciting, albeit stressful. There is so much to do in nine short months that it can be overwhelming at the same time. Sometimes expectant mothers leave the father out of the nursery planning and opt to seek advice from their mothers and friends rather than confiding in their husband.  If both partners are involved in the planning and preparing, not only will it make both feel as though they are on the same level with each other but it can be a fun way to spend time together in this exciting period in life.

Although the father may not be invited to the baby shower (however, co-ed showers are becoming more popular), doing the gift registry together allows both the mother and father to have a voice and again allows them to connect with each other.
Physical exercise is also important during pregnancy, but nothing too strenuous and always with the doctor`s approval! Taking a walk on the beach or even some prenatal yoga is a fantastic way to connect and alleviate stress. A pregnant woman must be sure to take the proper health supplements during pregnancy and eating health is a must. Coming up with healthy recipes and cooking meals together is another way to maintain a healthy connection during pregnancy. Maybe your husband can even start a vitamin regime of his own!

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Doing parenting and Lamazeclasses together is another way to ensure that both the husband and the wife are not only prepared for the birth of their baby but prepared to welcome their child into the world together after the birth.  Doing classes and being completely educated about the birthing process and knowing what comes in the months following the birth will allow both the mother and father to anticipate what is coming and allow them to understand what the other partner is going through. The mother might be the one experiencing most the changes during pregnancy, but when the baby is born, everyone`s life changes dramatically.

Sex can often be an issue during pregnancy. Some women can be insecure with their body changing and others have no change or even an increase in their libido. Whatever the case may be, keep the lines of communication open when it comes to the concerns of sex during pregnant. With healthy pregnancies, sex won`t hurt the baby and making love will only improve and reinforce the connection between partners.
Having a baby changes the dynamic between a husband and a wife but it should only make the connection stronger. Welcoming a new life into the world is something so special that it should be embraced together.

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