It’s Time we Stopped Complaining About Motherhood!

By Susan Smith

I have several fond and not-so-found memories of my late mother. As a young girl growing in the seventies, I was terrible! I was a bad influence on my younger brothers – my mischievous actions often put them in trouble as well


Dad was laid back and hardly cared about how we behaved but mum would have none of it. She was strict and laid down some rules I found difficult to follow. Finally, one fine day, all hell broke loose. Mum realized that I broke her prized vase and she decided to teach me a lesson. I was grounded for a week. I was 12 years old then and mum was never the same after that. She became grumpy and often whined about the “mental and physical distress” associated with motherhood.

When I left home for college, my mum was grouchy as ever. She was worried about how I would cope on my own – no amount of consolation would calm her down! I felt relieved when I was away from her but nothing prepared me for what I would witness during my next visit from college!

My mother had undergone a complete transformation. She was cheery and glad to see me. She received me with open arms and kissed me at every opportunity. I was 19 then and loved every attention I received from her. I asked her what brought about this change and her explanation surprised me. 

A new neighbor had moved in next door and my mom was at her whiny best whenever they met. She lost no opportunity to complain about how difficult her life was raising three kids. The neighbor was a woman in the mid-50s. She began crying and expressed her sadness at never having children! She spent 20 years trying to conceive but failed. She then became angry and scolded my mother. She reminded her how thankful she should be for having three wonderful kids in her life. 

Her words touched my mum’s heart and a transformation had begun within her. After that, we cherished every moment spent with her. 

Just before she died, my mom organized a party at her house for my nephew’s birthday. She had all the kids over and they were having a blast – there was utter chaos all around! Since I work for the promotional industry, I had no problem in arranging for goodies to be distributed among the kids. They pushed and shoved among themselves to lay their hands on these gifts. My mother was in the midst of it all, never once complaining about their behavior. Instead, she joined in the fun and had the best time of her life!

I am glad for the transformation my mum had and the quality time she gave us during the last 20 years of her life. As a mother myself, I make sure that I do not whine or scold my kids. If there are others who complain about motherhood, I suggest they give a thought for the women who remain childless all their lives. 

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Susan Smith is a prominent writer who has written on a variety of topics for individuals and websites from around the world. Susan currently works for Promo Direct as an online marketing specialist. She loves interacting with customers and meeting their promotional needs.
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