Revolt Fitness Week 2 – Still Hanging in There
Tomorrow is the last day of my second week on the Revolt diet and fitness program.  I’ve noticed that my tummy is getting a little flatter and I think it is mostly due to the low-carb diet.  When I started the program I weighed 98lbs. Today I weigh 99lbs.  But my body fat percentage is still the same, 14.3%. I am working out with heavier weights, so hopefully my body fat percentage will go down.

I am still having a hard time sticking with the diet.  My two biggest issues with the diet are, I can not eat as often as I am supposed to and I don’t like eating the same thing every single day.  Last week I tried so hard to keep track of my calorie intake but I was constantly 600-900 calories under where I was supposed to be so I gave up.  This week was crazy busy for me. My husband was out of town, again and I had to run kids to appointments nearly every single day.  I had no choice but to skip meals and substitute them with protein bars.  Yesterday I had  so many appointments that I ended up skipping the work out too. Of course now I feel extremely guilty about it. But, it was just one day and today is another day.

I finally found some whey protein that tastes pretty good. It is called Amplify Smoothie and you can get it at GNC.  All you do is mix one scoop with 4 oz of water.  I love the chocolate flavor.  So I am trying my best to drink 2 of these each day.  Hopefully adding the extra protein to my diet will help me to build more muscle (as long as I don’t continue to skip the workout!)

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Today is going to be another busy day.  I am already dressed in my work out clothes so as soon as I am able to take a break I’ll grab my weights and get ready to sweat!

If you are a Revolt blogger you can leave your link to your weekly progress update and I will visit you and say hello!  Have a wonderful weekend!
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