Sustainable Good Health in Motion

What we put into our bodies is just as important as how we physically treat our bodies. You may consume an organic diet rich in vitamins and natural antioxidants, but if you lead a stagnant physical lifestyle then you are about as productive as someone putting racing fuel into an engineless clunker. Cycling is a great way to let your inner health reflect through your body’s shell, and it is lots of fun. But having the right bike will dictate the “fun factor”.

It’s today’s craze

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Fixed-gear bikes are becoming more and more popular; they are fun to ride, and challenging without being too hard to master. They are springing up in urban environments as popular street bikes. A fixed-gear bike or “fixie” has a drivetrain that lacks any freewheel mechanisms. The freewheel concept was designed in the early years of cycling history while the fixed-gear exists as the norm in standard track racing designs. This doesn’t mean the fixie is a dangerous rocket (far from it), it simply means that the design’s advantages apply to track racing, but also proves to be a great option for casual urban riders. Like the smoothies you sip in the morning, the beauty of the fixed-gear bike comes from the advantages of simplicity and a purist attitude to design.

The choice

There are some things you will want to take into account when looking to purchase a fixed-gear bike. Remember, you are not about to embark in the Tour de France, so there is no need to get something priced at thousands of dollars made from carbon fiber and that weights as much as a feather. Start with some online research. For example, Sole Bicycles offer an amazing product that blends a unique, clean look with classic, well-made functionality. No matter what brand of fixed-gear bike you opt for, try to make sure they include the following features:

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· A weight of under 30 pounds
· A price tag under $400
· A unique color and design
· Riser style bars
· Sealed cartridge bottom bracket
· Fully tig welded frame made of tensile steel

If you can find a product that meets every point in this list, you can rest assure that you have a safe, well-made bicycle that operates as classy as it looks.

Fueling while you go

Staying hydrated while cycling is important. We all see the sports bottles that snap in place to the bike’s frame, but in addition to water, why not carry a nourishing smoothie to drink upon reaching the halfway mark of your journey? According to Dr. Oz, there is a green drink recipe that is not only anti-aging, but it promotes lots of energy. It is also packed with protective phytonutrients found in vegetables and fruits that boost your body’s defenses against cancer. The recipe calls for apple, carrot, cucumber, kale and olivello juices. Your best bet is to freeze the beverage and by the time you are ready to drink the elixir, it will be thawed and refreshingly chilled.

Here’s to your health

By engaging in a healthy activity like cycling (in addition to a smart diet) you will be making the greatest investment of your lifetime—you will be investing in your self.

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