The Sea Buckthorn Beauty Secret from Sibu Beauty #Giveaway
I have always been careful about what I use on my skin.  Products that contain oil or excess chemicals make me break out. Sibu Beauty’s Sea Buckthorn balancing facial cleanser removes my excess oil and leaves my skin looking and feeling great.

All Sibu Beauty products contain extract from the tiny sea buckthorn berry. This little berry grows in the harsh conditions and high altitude of the Tibetan Himalayas.  It is fortified with over 190 bioactive compounds, including  omega-7 fatty acids.  Omega-7 fatty acids are found in animal and plant sources, including macadamia nuts, cold-water fish and sea buckthorn berries.

Sea buckthorn contains a much higher concentration of this valuable fatty acid, up to 40% as compared to 17% in macadamia nuts. While this omega has numerous skin and health benefits, it is also known for its ability to support a healthy weight, cardiovascular health, and gastro-intestinal health. Skin, hair and nails Omega 7 provides key building blocks for skin, hair and nails. It helps combat wrinkles, dryness, loss of skin elasticity, and other symptoms of malnourished or aging skin. It also helps skin function properly by supporting  collagen production,  protecting against oxidative damage,  restoring youthful resilience and plumpness to aging skin cells,  rejuvenating skin cell membranes,  enhancing the skin’s ability to retain moisture,  repairing sun-damaged skin and protecting against sun damage, toxins and environmental stress.

The Sea Buckthorn Balancing Facial Cleanser is a non foaming gel that works great for all skin types. It contains micro-particles for a gentle exfoliation and removes make-up with ease. To learn more about the Sea Buckthorn Berry and Sibu Beauty’s full line of products visit

One Healthy Moms Magazine reader can win a bottle of Sibu Beauty’s Sea Buckthorn Berry Balancing Facial Cleanser.  All you need to do is like Sibu Beauty on Facebook, follow Sibu Beauty on Twitter, follow Sibu Beauty on Pinterest and leave us a comment. This contest is open to US residents 18+ and ends on March 18, 2013 at 8am PST.

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Cascia Talbert is a busy blogger, publisher, freelance writer, online merchant and mother of five children, living in The Pacific Northwest. With a B.A. in history and law and a passion for writing and staying healthy, she started The Healthy Moms Magazine in 2007. The Healthy Moms Magazine is currently ranked the top health blog for moms and features several health expert writers and mom bloggers. Ms. Talbert believes that if mothers are well educated on health issues and how to stay healthy, they can pass that information down to their children and reverse the childhood obesity statistics in the U.S.

Ms. Talbert is a featured health blogger at and her articles can also be found on She also runs the Healthy Moms Social Network on Ning, is the Chief Marketing Officer for Talbert Nutrition LLC,  and is on the Social Media Advisory Board for America’s Wellness Challenge. Follow her on Google+.

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