Three Mess Free Science Experiments

Mess Free Science Experiments

Mess free science experiments are fun and reduce the clean up time for mom. Getting your kids pumped up about science is much easier than getting them excited about math or reading. It’s a known fact that kids love science, and science experiments that allow them to get their hands messy are fun for everybody except the person that’s left with the clean up duties (which in most cases tends to be you). Sure, making the old paper mache volcano is fun, but to really keep your kids entertained you need to go further than that.

If you’re looking for some fun, easy, and mostly mess free science experiments you can do at home with your kids, you’ve come to the right place. These experiments won’t require expensive lab equipment or epitopetag antibodies by
Best of all, this article contains science experiments that won’t leave stains on your children’s clothing or your favorite sweatshirt. In fact, these science experiments won’t leave much of a mess at all.
Three Mess Free Science Experiments
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Color Changing Milk

For an easy, mess-free science experiment that your kids will love, simply pick up some milk, food coloring, dish soap, and some cotton swabs. With this experiment, you’ll be able to show your kids how fat molecules in the milk bend and twist in all different ways, making a very cool scene on the dinner plate you’re using.
Pour enough milk to completely cover the bottom of a dinner plate, and let it settle. Next, have your kids drop some different colors of food coloring into the milk, but make sure it’s only a few drops. Try and have the food coloring drops stay near to each other for the best results. After that, drop a few drops of the dish soap onto the center of the milk, and almost instantly it will appear as if there are Fireworks Retailer on the dish. Your kids will love watching the “fireworks” shoot through the milk.
Floating Eggs
The floating eggs mess free science experiment requires virtually no clean up, and your kids will love learning how density works. All you’ll need is a few glasses of water, salt, and an egg. Fill up a glass with some water, and add a few tablespoons of salt. Have your kids put the egg in the glass, and it will float (add more salt if it sinks). After that, transfer the egg to a half full glass with water and no salt, and watch it sink.
 Set the egg aside, and pour the fresh water on top of the salt water. Make sure you pour at an angle, so the waters don’t mix. After that, carefully drop the egg into the water, and watch it slowly drop until it finally stops where the salt water begins.
Lava in a Cup
All you need to make some lava in a cup is a cup, water, salt, vegetable oil, and some food coloring. Fill the glass up with some water, and mix in some red food coloring to make it look like lava. Pour some vegetable oil on top of the water, and it will stay on top of the water. When you drop some salt on top of the concoction, blobs of oil will move down and up in the glass! Lava in a cup is a fun mess free science experiment.

Salt is heavier than oil, so when the salt is dropped on top of the oil, it sinks and takes some oil with it. When the salt dissolves, the oil then goes back up to the top. It’s a fun, very easy science experiment that everyone will love.

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