When Should a Mom get Plastic Surgery?

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As moms, we work hard to ensure that our family eats nutritious food and maintains all around good health. But sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves when we are busy focusing on loved ones.

We have all heard that expression “you’re only as old as you look ”, and though this may be true for many moms out there, it doesn’t reflect on all women. We all use creams and other products to try to slow down the physical symptoms of aging. We even work extra hard in the gym to try to look our best for bikini season. But sometimes an alternative measure is required to get the results we want. The Baker Center for Plastic Surgery and any other reputable board-certified practices will advise their patients to only pursue a procedure if it is for the patient’s own needs. Often a spouse, friends and even family members will tell someone to get cosmetic work done. But ultimately this decision must be left up to the individual considering the procedure.

Types of procedures
Plastic surgery offers many solutions to improve one’s image. These procedures include the following:
·      Tummy tuck
·      Liposuction
·      Body lift
·      Breast augmentation
·      Face lift
·      Tissue reconstruction
·      Arm lift
There are many other procedures on the books such as cosmetic surgery massage options. But these are the more common ones that moms seek in order to improve their appearance. For a healthy woman who wants a better self-image, the above procedures are the most commonly done surgeries.

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Recognizing the red flags
Some plastic surgery procedures are not good options for people who suffer from certain forms of clinically diagnosed depression. When you sit down for a consultation with your doctor to determine if plastic surgery is right for you, he will look at your mental history. This is a common practice that reputable physicians follow. In an article published by an online directory that helps patients find doctors, one plastic surgeon states that he has refused surgeries to patients who suffer from depression and who have unrealistic expectations or a negative body image. For these people, the surgery would be a failure because they wouldn’t be able to recognize the changes and emotionally benefit from the operation the way others do. Remember, plastic surgery isn’t just about changing one’s looks—it helps women feel better emotionally and improves their confidence and self esteem. If they lack the ability to recognize the changes on an emotional level, the surgery would be a failure.

When is it a good option?
There are a number of reasons that make plastic surgery a great option. Sometimes a woman has a need to correct bodily changes that resulted from other procedures. Often, a woman who gets a mastectomy will have reconstructive surgery in order to feel more complete. Also, when a woman has gastric bypass surgery and drops a dramatic amount of weight, excessive skin can remain. In cases like this a body lift or tummy tuck is warranted.

Then there are women who simply want to look better in order to get that extra spark from life that is missing. Having a tummy tuck can make a mom feel more confident and happier for the beach season. And if a woman wants to get a facelift to iron out some wrinkles and look younger, the benefit will pay back strong. Thread face lift treatment is also an option to rejuvenate your face and have an anti-aging effect on your skin.

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Final thoughts
All in all, plastic surgery is a great option for moms who simply want to address a bodily feature that is causing them to feel embarrassed or that prevents them from feeling confident. When meeting with a physician he will help you determine if you are a good candidate by making sure there are no red flags that you may not even know are waving. At the end of the day, make sure you are pursuing plastic surgery as an option for your own fulfillment, and not to meet the expectations of another person.

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