Plus Motif : Stylish and Practical Tablet Covers for Fun in the Summer Sun
Out here in Spokane spring and summer often arrive late, but this year we are expecting warmer temperatures by the weekend.  When the weather warms up my family spends a lot of time in the beautiful outdoors.  I spend hours outside on the patio watching my kids play on their swing set and ride their bikes in the cul-de-sac.  This year I can browse the internet, read and play my favorite games on my Android tablet while relaxing in the sun thanks to my new stylish Plus Motif Interchangeable tablet cover.

Nearly everyone today owns a tablet. I use mine so much that I don’t remember what life was like without it. When my kids broke my 7 inch Android I just had to order a 10 inch to replace it.  This summer I must keep it protected for outdoor use.

My Plus Motif Tablet Cover is a fashionable and functional case for my tablet and made from durable sturdy material. I trust that my tablet will stay protected when nestled into the tablet cover. They also come in 16 different  fun colors and 72 motif designs to snap on and off, so I can personalize my tablet to fit my individual style.  Plus Motif interchangeable tablet covers include a dual stylus pen and notepad.  I can jot notes down while I am researching online and the stylus works on any touch screen device.  

The case folds up like a notebook and I can change the position of my tablet and the notepad.  The Plus Motif cover also transforms into a stand making it simple to prop up on the patio table if I want to read on my Kindle or my Bible app while watching the kids.

For more information on Plus Motif interchangeable tablet cases for iPads, iPad minis, Kindles and Android Tablets visit

*Disclosure: I received a Plus Motif interchangeable tablet case for a 7 inch Android tablet, one for a 10 inch tablet and two motif designs in exchange for this review.  All opinions are accurate and 100% mine.

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