5 Common Problems When Traveling With Kids and How To Address Them

If you are a parent, then you certainly know that one of the joys of parenting is taking your child with you when you go on a holiday. Despite the fact that taking care of the little one all the time can be a daunting task (especially since you are supposed to relax and let off some steam), there is nothing more beautiful than knowing that your loved child is there with you.

However, there are several problems that may occur when you travel with children, and here are some of the most common ones:

Traveling With Kids

 1. Fear Of Planes

One out of three adults is afraid to fly, so you can imagine that children are even more terrified by this. If your child starts crying and screaming, he may bother the other passengers, so how can you manage this situation? The answer is very simple: make sure your child fully understands what a plane is, how it works and where do all the strange noises come from.

The more informed your child is, the better. On the other hand, another idea would be to bring an item your child is emotionally connected to, like a teddy bear or a blanket that he can hold in their hand. This will help them calm down and to stop thinking about the plane.

For instance, some airline companies offer a series of services and useful advice that are especially aimed at children who travel with their parents. For instance, infants under the age of two can travel for free as long as they do not occupy a seat. They also offer bassinets on domestic flights to make the journey even more pleasant and free of unpleasant events, and the cabin crew will heat milk bottles and assist you with washing and preparing bottles and pacifiers, if needed.

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2. Emotional Outbursts

Emotional outbursts (also referred to as “temper tantrums“) are not uncommon amongst children, and they can occur at any time when traveling with your children – especially when you are on the plane! These moments can be extremely uncomfortable and they usually appear when the child feels hungry or very tired. Make sure your child gets enough sleep on board, and that he eats properly. On the other hand, anxiety can also be the culprit behind these tantrums, so make sure you tell your child a funny joke and you hug him every once in a while.

3. Your Kids Miss Home

Children are far more emotional than adults, and that is understandable – it is perfectly normal for them to miss their friends, their family or their toys. Despite the fact that homesickness cannot be prevented (just like jet lag, unfortunately), there are some things you can do about it: for instance, make sure you call home at least once every two days, or that you chat over the Internet with your family members at home. Bringing family photos and writing postcards and e-mails can help as well!

4. Jet Lag

Jet lag is another serious problem, especially if you travel for a long period of time. It can take up to several days to get used to this, but the secret is to do your best and stick to your normal bedtime, as much as you can. Also, it is recommended to feed the little one before bedtime, so that he will not wake up in the middle of the night asking for food. Short naps during the day can also help, both you and your children.

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5. The Child Refuses To Eat

Children are notorious picky eaters, and that is a known fact – however, if you are on a plane and you travel for 10 hours straight, this can become a real issue. Make sure to bring enough snacks on the plane with you (crackers, raisins or pretzels are usually a great choice, as the little ones love them), and that you also pack some fruits and veggies. Also, it is recommended to get your kid a really good meal right before the plane takes off.

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